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How to change scent to a tallow soap

Is it possible to change the scent of a TALLOW soap, say ARKO, by injecting a essential oil into the shaving soap. If so, how would I do it? I know that TALLOW soap can NOT be melted down and then add the essential oil. So how do I get the oil into the ARKO soap? Should I poke holes into the soap and then add some drops of oil or inject the oil into the soap with a injector? I would like to hear all possible ways in which to do this process. Everywhere that I ask this question on the web they talk about making soap from scratch - then add essential oils of your choice to the recipe. I want to change the SCENT of a pre-made tallow based soap and I would like to do this without putting in a drop or two of the ES into the already made lather or on top of the puck of soap. I want to get the added essential oil into the soap itself. Thanks
Haven't tried it myself, but I've seen folk mention adding essential oils or their favorite aftershave to the lather bowl.
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