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How to best replate old Gillettes?

Hi Guys!

I am from Mumbai, India and a newbie here. I have been wet shaving since 28 years. I recently received two very old Gillettes. I haven't taken any photos yet but i used these photos from mr-razor.com to identify them.

http://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/Tech/1948 British Tech fat handle No44.jpg

http://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/One-Piece open comb/1939 Popular No47 England.JPG

Both are in very bad shape cosmetically but shave very well. I have cleaned up both and would like to have them replated.

Locally i have access to Gold, Silver, Tin and Nickel plating or i can travel some distance for Chrome and Hard Chrome plating. I have not made any enquiries about Rhodium plating yet.

The 1948 British Tech already shows the underlying brass under the head cap as well as on closed comb. The handle is brass coloured at the tip where the threads are, while the knurled handle is copper coloured

The No. 47 Open comb TTO is a combination of brass and copper.

As i would like to use them in my regular rotation, what is the best way to get them replated and in which material? Should i be specifying the thickness of plating too? How many microns would be ideal for each type? I have access to a buffing machine so should i be buffing the parts before sending it to the replater or hope that he will buff out the scratches before plating?

Thanks in advance
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