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How to adjust a slim adjustable?

Hey guys! I just got a Gillette slim adjustable (from a fellow B&Ber off the BST), and it's in great shape. The problem is, it is my first adjustable, and only second TTO. I understand how the TTO works, at least well enough, but I wasn't sure if there is only one position in which you are supposed to change the blade position (move the adjustable cylinder with numbers). Can I move it with the TTO at any position (ie open, fully closed and tightened, closed but not fully tightened, etc.) or is there some specific position in which the adjustable is supposed to be changed?

Also, What does the adjustable knob actually change? Does it pull the safety bars down a little to increase the blade gap, or pull the safety bars back for the same effect? Or does it change something internally that changes the blade angle?

Hi , you should always loosed the doors slightly before adjusting the Slim then tighten them back afterwards.
The adjustment knob increases the blade gap by lowering the safety bar
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