How terrible of an idea is a Blacklands Dart for a rookie?

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    Story is my DE89 isn't cutting it. I love the razor but it struggles over my trouble spots (chin, lower neck, and around adams apple). I end up doing too many passes which causes irritation or weepers. Also leading to bad habits.

    This leads me to the Blacklands Dart. Blacklands doesn't label it as an aggressive razor but feedback says otherwise, with plenty of blade feel. So my questions posed to you, is it too much razor for someone in the rookie phase? Is it Muhle R41 aggressive? Is it still comfortable enough to use for daily shaves?

    -Other razors in consideration are the Razorock Mamba 0.70, Gamechanger, and Karve.
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  1. I think the Karve thread will convince you that at some point you will want a Karve. In my case aggressive razors were too much at the beginning, but when I revisited them months later they were easy to shave with. A razor system that allows you to add a more aggressive base plate later (or an adjustable) might be the ticket. Shave on.
  2. Having gone through the evolution from de 89 into razors with more blade feel and larger gaps... I agree that Karve or something else that is adjustable may be your best course of action. Of the few options I've tried, Karve would be my recommendation's an amazing razor.

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  3. GlazedBoker

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    The Dart is more than a capable shaver for a noob to seasoned vet. Has a nice range for cutting whether shallow or steep. Nice SS construction that will last millenia and I find it a very comfy and close cutting whisker whacker. I also agree with the 2 posters before me that the Karve interchangeable system is a nice razor to go with for tailoring a shave to your needs and wants. Some like the brass, some don’t. In the end, it’s a fine razor.

    The other good thing with the Dart from Blackland is the buy and drive 30 day trial. Don’t like, send it back and no questions asked. Tough to beat that.
  4. When I was looking around for my first razor, I read that the dart was a mild razor more mild than a blackbird but for some reason caused more weepers.

    It could be that being so mild people try too hard for it to shave more effeciently I can't confirm the rumors but at $99 and the blackbird at $185 I decided the karve and game changer were more affordable options.

    The Karve has gotten an almost cult like following because of how well it shaves as well as how many options I has from plates to handles and how the brass can be customised.

    I'll vote a karve anyday!
  5. We have this idea an expensive shotgun will make us a better hunter, an Orvis fly rod a better angler, and a $100-$300 razor will shave better.

    Experience and technique first, nice kit second. IMO.
  6. Graydog

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    Karve is also coming out with a Open Comb Plate
    That should make it more adjustable .
    I have never shaved with a Dart so I can't really comment on how it shaves but I know that Blackland
    has great customer service ,They did a great job for Gus when He dropped His Vetor :thumbup::thumbup:
  7. No idea about the Dart but as it is closely related to Blackbird this may or may not be pertinent.

    The Blackbird is a razor that delivers astonishing shaves if you get the angle right, and stay with it. It demands consistency and a patient user....try to whizz thru the motions and you will feel uncomfortable. I've read the Dart is less smooth than the Blackbird so presumably you have to handle it slow and steady as well.

    If I had to pitch you a razor you will definitely love it would be the Charcoal Goods Level 2 (SB). I daresay there's no YMMV factor abut's just super efficient and smooth (gentle) at the same time. But its not available always and the price is on the high side.
  8. GlazedBoker

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    Good point there my friend. I forgot about the excellent customer service that Shane at Blackland provides.

    Haven’t tried a Dart have you? Hmmm... I have an idea. :idea:
  9. The dart is very reasonably priced. But you have to pay attention. I find that a very light touch is required any mental lapse is not fun. My first two weeks with it i couldn't understand why people thought it was aggressive. After that and getting lulled into a false sense of security i got several good cuts with it. However i dont regret getting it at all. it gives an incredible close shave.
  10. I have the Dart and it's a medium aggressive razor in my opinion and hefty too!
  11. Graydog

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    Gus ,Gus ,Gus ...You and your Ideas :)
  12. Yes but I don't want to cost a small company money. What happens to the returned razor? It surely won't be resold.

    Thank you for the feedback guys. Another plus of a Blacklands razor is I can buy it from Pasteurs Pharmacy iirc, supporting another local business.

    Edit- The Charcoal Goods Level 2 is out of budget.
  13. Bondage007

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    I have the Dart and a Karve F. The Dart is more efficient. The Karve is very close but a little smoother. Both are fine razors made by companies that stand behind their products.
    I like using smoother blades like Voskhod, Astra SP in them and get great results. I shave head and face.

    Have you thought about adjustable? Something like one of the Futur clones? Cheap and you can your sweet spot for efficiency.

    This sounds like RAD incubation period.......

  14. Hello John,

    I actually bought an adjustable, a Gillette Super Adjustable. Unfortunately that razor had issues and I couldn't use it. It turned me off traditional adjustables, prefer the swappable plates methods. Hence the Karve is in consideration.

    The problem with a Futur clone is the head. I want something more low profile, maneuverable for under the nose.
  15. Another razor for the OP to consider is a Red Tip Superspeed (UK made)...oh boy....a very hard to beat piece of equipment.
  16. The Dart is a very nice razor. I rate the 89 about a 4, .84 GC about a 5-6, the Dart a 7,the R41 a 9, CG3 9+ and Ikon Tech 9++. A straight is 10. I didn't care for the Karve F it felt too mild. Also look at the Rocca. A touch smoother than the Dart with a lower profile.
  17. +1
  18. Biggest mistake I made was going too mild on my first razor. Hated it. Too many passes led to a lot of irritation. I think a Dart or A Gamechanger .84 would be a great move. Even if you get nipped a time or two no biggie. You’ll learn better technique quicker with feedback like that. I went from a DE 89 to a Cobra Classic and not only had a lightbulb go off but learned good technique and obtained great results. Some blade feel is good...teaches you respect for the razor.

    Edit...Karve is great option too and can change plates as you evolve.
  19. The Rocca looks like a nice option too. Where does it fall on your rating scale?

    Thank you all for the feedback.

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