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How old is your mustache/beard?


I notice that fellows with established moustache go with it for 20 or 30 years.
to the guys here that this applies to, just curious about the reason o f maintaining a specific look for so long?
I've had had a mustache (and at least a little something on the chin) for over 20 years, but haven't kept the same look. When I started it I had hair halfway down my back, and it was mostly peach fuss. As the beard and mustache grew thicker my hair grew thinner, so I started cutting it shorter and shorter. I've had several bears styles over the years van dyke, circle, full beard, ducktail.... and many different lengths. Currently I have a shaved head and a bout 9 inches of beard.
I notice that fellows with established moustache go with it for 20 or 30 years.
to the guys here that this applies to, just curious about the reason o f maintaining a specific look for so long?
When I first grew my beard, it was thin, wispy and dark brown. When it thickened it became a deep reddish brown. Is has grown more and more white over the years. I flew through four different airports the past couple of days and missed a few opportunities to give some young kids a quiet “ho ho ho.” I didn’t think of it until I got home this evening.

I keep the beard because SWMBO likes it. That, and I hate shaving....

My hair started thinning when I was 17 and I haven’t much left.

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Almost lost my goatee, I got a little enthusiastic trimming it. My new trim technique is to only trim to keep it out of my mouth and the stragglers at the side. Other than that, I'm gonna let it grow wild. :)
My beard is -45 days old died 16 days ago. Moustache? Unknown, over 10 if not 20 or more.
I plan on restarting my beard end of Jan. After learning SR better.


I have had either a full beard or, more frequently, a circle beard like now since February of 1993. My wife and I went to India for a month, and I didn’t shave. My daughter was born in 1994, and a few years later I promised her I wouldn’t shave it off without her permission. No permission yet.
Beards may come and go, but my mustache has been firmly in place since I graduated high school in 1978: 41 years.
Last month, my moustache turned 35 years old.

On Halloween, my beard turns 22 years old. I was sent on a contract up to the Arctic on Oct. 31, 1997 and immediately began growing a "chin warmer" for insulation. I let it grow for several years into a nice big Garibaldi... before I caught it in some machinery and had most of it torn off. :cryin:

Now, it's a much smaller, low-maintenance circle beard.
I grow a beard every winter, and trim/shave it in the spring. My last shave was yesterday, so at this point I just have sandpaper stubble. Best itch-scratcher around.
Well, it's probably 5yrs old. But i kept it trimmed to a #1.5 guard on the clipper. I used a shavette for the upper cheek and neck lines.

My beard is a little longer these days, i still use the shavette though.

Rudy Vey

Don't really know, maybe 40 years or so, my wife never saw me without my mustache. My chin I have shaved a few times off in the last decades, but its now at least since 10 years without removing it. Just have it trimmed.
This time 11w. Longest I have endured: 18m. Have grown and shaved on off but usually just for 1.5-2m for many years, as I enjoyed more shaving it....that young look!
The last time I shaved my chin was Thanksgiving. So the beard is just over four weeks old. My moustache dates to 1981.

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Last time I shaved my mustache was 1980, but it was simply because I had set fire to it by accident. (The accident involved a large quantity of 140 proof moonshine, and a lit cigar...)


I have never shaved my mustache I had it when I was 15 in 1977, now I'm near 57 so 42 years old but I do keep it trimmed away from my mouth. Plus the wife has never seen me without it and she loves it so it stays....