How old is your mustache/beard?

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    last time I shaved my mustache, I was 16, so that was almost 27 years ago. Last time I shaved my beard was almost 10 years ago.
  1. Mustache/goatee for 15 years,
  2. Last time I was completely clean shaven was 1980. So 37 years. I had also went 20 years without having a hair cut. in 2012 I finally got a hair cut as it was so thin that my pony tail looked bad.
    So now when I got to get a hair cut and it cost me 20 bucks I just remember how much money I've saved in hair cuts over the years.
  3. Newbie here. Just testing the bearded waters. Been growing for a month and a half (just before Christmas).
  4. I think the longest I had a beard was about 19 years. Now they are more seasonal as there is a lot more gray in it that I would rather not see.
  5. Had mine since 1974 :)

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    Mine died today at the ripe age of 1.5 years by the means of a Otto Roth OC razor. My face feels cold, naked, and strange!
  7. 46 years and counting
  8. Full beard is a year old. The last time I was clean shaven was due to a trimming accident. Before then, it was 2.5 years old.
  9. I've had my full beard and stache for a little more than 10 years. Although I really do miss straight razor shaving, I don't think I'll be shaving my beard off any time soon. Possibly when it's all grey/white, but maybe not even then either.
  10. Grew my stash in 1979 & haven’t shaved it since, 39 years.
  11. I've had a moustache since I was about 18. I joined the fire service at 28 back in 1982, and just about every firefighter at that time wore a moustache. For some unexplainable reason, I shaved it off, and didn't really like the look, plus I took a LOT of heat from my fellow firefighters, so within a month, it was back and hasn't left me since.
  12. Started growing a mustache in 1975. Shaved it off once in the 90’s and the wife and kids said “you need to grow that thing back”. Still have it only it’s a different color now (gray)
  13. Beard is only about 5 years old. Don't remember last time I shaved the stach. I'll call it 15 years.
  14. Not been clean shaven in about 8-10 years, but it does get trimmed maybe once a month.
  15. The beard is dead. Long live the goatee. I’ve had the goatee for about two weeks now.
  16. My beard is 20 years old:1eye:
  17. My stash is 20 years old.
  18. Had my mustache since the very early 1980s.
  19. Thwack

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    My goatee is just a baby, 2 weeks

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