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How old is your mustache/beard?

The last time I shaved my mustache was 1978.

38 years.


Last time I shaved clean was July 2003. Since summer 1970 I've had a beard or moustache for better than 45 of the last 46 years.
Aside from a couple of catastrophic trimming accidents which come from being a parent. I've had my mustache since 1982. 34 or so years. I've only sported handlebars since retiring from the Army in 2003.
Baby beard here. I'm close to month four of beard growth. I plan to keep it for a long while provided some catastrophic life event doesn't prompt me to shave.


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Moustache since 1976. Only clean shaven for 2 days since 1973. Handlebar for 10 or 12 years.
Now is my beard and moustache 3 years old. I got one of those moustache some people make fun of like short on the inside where hitler had a long and long on the outside. Forgot the name now if it even has a name? Before then I had a 3 days stubble for 5 years. I shave neck and my upper chin on daily basis to maintain sharp edges and a neatly look. I wonder how much younger I would look like if I would shave it all of?