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How often should you use alum block?

I always use alum. It is a salt. Its action is to dry out your skin causing skin to tighten. Aftershave, with its alcohol, does the same thing. I *always* follow up after rinsing and drying with a moisturizer. It doesn't take long to soak in. I never suffer razor burn -- if I do I use more moisturizer. FWIW.
I use it when needed to help alleviate the irritation that I get along my neck line. No matter what I get irritation and I find it helps to alleviate it.
I only use alum if I get the rare nick or bad razor burn on my neck. I also only use an Osma alum block after I tried one from another company, and had a bad reaction to it, which caused more irritation than I had. I purchased my current alum block about five years ago, and there is still plenty left, so that's how rare I see the need for it. However, I do like to use a nice mild aftershave like Clubman Pinaud.
After every shave. It does the same thing as witch hazel. Makes my skin feel good, wash it off with the remainder of the shave cream and brush, rinse, Duke Cannon Ice Cold time.
Post shave, quick rinse with cold water, followed by alum. Leave on about 30 seconds, lightly pat dry then apply AS balm. Works for me!
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