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How Often Do You Shave?

Typically every other day. May go every 2 days occasionally if I get irritation.
If I've got time to relax & enjoy it, I'll go for near-BBS, probably with a straight. That could just about keep me going for two days if I shave in the evening.

Otherwise an easy, one-or-two-pass DE shave. Daily.

If I'm away on a camping trip, maybe once or twice a week or not at all. If I return home with a beard I might keep it for a bit, until it starts to get itchy, and then I'll remember why I don't like beards. Except for shaving practice, of course.

MY DE is a mild Merkur open comb: the great advantage of open combs - and straights - is that I can shave whenever I like. I never have to worry about a point of no return where the razor will struggle to cut hair without clogging.
Everyday. If I had to go to some formal event in the evening then I would probably shave again. And in the unfortunate event that some emergency happens and I miss a day then I will end up paying for it later. If I miss a day the next shave is a very uncomfortable experience. With an R41 and new Feather I have to tug the razor all the way through every stroke of the first pass for the blade to cut and I will end up with 20-30 little weepers (sometimes more, like one per whisker). I can do a little better with a Mach3 in this scenario but after that shave the blade is trash and overall it's still not a pleasant experience.
I shave whenever I feel like it.
Sometimes it’s on a 24 hr interval. Other times might be 2 or 3 days between shaves. I guess it averages out to every other day... if you do the math.
Every day. For a long time it was my evening ritual when unwinding from a work day. Now that I'm back to school full time it's my morning ritual to relax myself to hit the books 12+ hours a day.

Nothing like the feeling of a good shower and shave before tackling the day.
Every other day is the sweet spot for me. If I'm going somewhere that I would want to be clean shaven on an "off" day I would do a light, one-pass shave, either WTG or XTG.
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