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How Often Do You Shave?

4-6 days a week, depending on work load. 5 is an average. When I experiment with different razors/blades combos, I will take a day off after a less that stellar shave.
I shave every morning with the exception of Saturday ( unless i need to be somewhere).

Friday night is when the alcohol comes out, and shaving isn’t something that I necessarily have an interest in while being hungover :)

Plus, skipping a day gives the face a rest and makes the sunday shave even more enjoyable.

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I shave in 48 or 36 hour intervals. Usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday AM and Saturday PM. I would shave more frequently but my beard just doesn't grow that fast.
I've always wondered if that would help. I don't have a problem with ingrowns, but I have always shaved daily or grown a beard. :)
I have very blemish prone skin. Took me years to figure out my ingrowns were mostly caused by only shaving once every 3-4 days. Now they have almost entirely gone - I would say about an 85% improvement.
I shave daily for the most part and skip an occasional day on the weekend if I'm feeling lazy or just want an exceptional shave the following day.
Every 2-3 days. The more growth I have the more I enjoy shaving. Particularly with a straight.
Same here with my DEs. That said, I shaved on both Wednesday and Thursday, 24-hour beards each, and took off today so that I could do my usual 48-hour beard on Saturday morning before I get my hair cut.
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