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How Often Do You Shave?

How often do you shave? I shave at least 6 days/ week, usually 7. I like shaving. I like being well groomed. Back when I used a cartridge I put it off and shaved 4 or 5 days at most. When watching videos it seems they often go 2 of more days between shaves.
What's typical?
Daily. I work 12 hours with shirt/tie dress code, and hate having stubble on my neck snag the shirt collar. I was looking for a closer shave that didn't eat up my neck, and DE does that for me. Now I only get neck irritation if I start chasing the those phantom whiskers! DFS is good enough on my trouble spot. Carts gave close shaves, but after 8 hours, I'd notice my collar catching. To be fair, I never did more than one multi-stroke WTG pass when shaving back then. Just kept swiping away. I think I did ATG once decades ago with a cart and had weepers galore, the raw hamburger look!
I shave every morning.

I think the YouTube guys normally get a few days growth because those shaves are always better and the difference is more noticeable. I bet most of them shave daily when not making videos.
Before I joined B&B it was maybe a couple of times a month. The first few years after it was almost every day. Now I seem to have settled into 2-4 times a week, sometimes more sometimes less. I just shave when I have time in the morning and feel like doing it.
Usually every day, but I will sometimes skip a day. I work in a customer facing position so I think I should look presentable for meetings.


Daily for me. If there's no time for a SR shave, there's still time for a DE shave.

Couldn't get to my shave yesterday until about 8pm. By 10am today I didn't need to shave, but I had a nice 3-pass SR shave because I like shaving.