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How often do you shave with a DE Razor?

I shave at least 6 days a week, unless something important warrants shaving a 7th day. Still working, in front of customers everyday, want to look good. Most shaves are 2 passes, but a lot of 1 pass shaves. I have a Parker 91R, paired with a Wilkinson Sword(G), which is my daily set up. I get efficient, close, smooth shaves,with no irritation. I use Gillette Pure cream, which helps make the shave smooth. Not a problem to shave everyday...
Daily, except for weekends or when growing out a beard. Mostly SR shaves but I’ll grab a DE for a quick shave. I am a no rules shaver based on time constraints and kit availability. I’ll even break all the TWS unspoken rules: use canned shaving cream with my SR at times; use both a SR and DE; or even a cartridge. Happy shaves know no bounds!
I normally shave daily and used to break out a DE or SE or Injector once or twice a week and the rest of the week I used a Straight. About 1.5 weeks ago I had my shoulder rebuilt by surgery including my thumb on the same arm so I cant use a straight now. Bandaged all up and one-handed and armed I've been reduced to shaving with a DE, SE, or Injector every two days. Living with wire brush whiskers for a day sucks but the work involved in a shave one-handed is worse.
Have you considered a goatee? The flats are easier, and leave the fiddly bits for when you have recovered.
Have you considered a goatee? The flats are easier, and leave the fiddly bits for when you have recovered.
When using a straight you must use 2 hands to strop. Plus I learned to shave with a straight with both hands so I'd have a hard time trying to shave with one. It wouldn't feel right to me. I do have a goatee. It's now been a month off work and using other than straights. I thought about growing a full beard but the wife said no. She will be happy to help shave me. But I'm not crazy. I ain't giving her a razor!
Generally six times a week. I do a four-pass shave every weekday morning, plus usually late Saturday afternoon, which then gets me through Sunday without shaving.

Shaving my head, though, works best not doing so every day, so that's Tues-Thurs-Sat.
I was going every other day when I started shaving my head 4/5 months ago. My skin has adapted and my technique has improved enough that I can now shave every day without irritation.
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