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How often do you shave and why?

My pattern is a bit odd ball... I work 2 24 hour shifts a week at one job and 2 16 hour shifts a week at my other. That being said since I tend to be a night shaver since I love to use my shave time as a relaxation time before bed and I am definitely Not a morning person it's a bit of an odd pattern.
Week 1 Sunday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night and Saturday night. Week 2 Monday night, Wednesday night, Saturday night.
Every other day. I’m one of those people that does not feel right unless I obtain a total BBS. With such a close shave I’m still good the next morning. Since I’m retired it doesn’t matter if I’ve got some stubble by the afternoon.
Almost every day. Kept a beard for quite a few years, but started getting grey streaks that bugged me. Now, I like getting that well-groomed clean-shaven feeling.

During Covid times, I even started cutting my own hair. I wouldn't have expected that, but it works out pretty well. Haircut every two weeks!
I used to be an EOD shaver but the shrapnel irritatated my cheeks.

I am now a daily shaver I have quite a bit of software now that if I shave every 3 days or so I would never finish it.
Ever since I started daily shaving (2 weeks straight now) my face has gotten tougher and my beard actually grows faster and every morning after my shower I rub my chin and think "It's about that time" I can even hear my whiskers shouting for joy because they know the end is near (I have suicidal whiskers) I've got some more software from A&E on the way I managed to catch a brand new set of their most recent release, everytime I would search it out they were constantly sold but I managed to snatch it quickly from Murphy & McNeil so the death squad on my face can hardly wait any longer.

Anyhow I love shaving now and yes I shave daily also because I don't want to smell the same everyday.
Happy shaves brothers
Hello B&B, how often do you ladys and gents shave? Maybe once a day, twice a day or maybe just EOD? I personally shave twice a day very regularly. I love having a BBS smooth head at all times. It also gives me a reason to have more soaps, AS and accessories in my rotation 😬 I can tend to get "bored" with the same soap etc and I can honestly say that i enjoy having fun with the many different combinations of the products available. Let's hear it folks.
How often? Anywhere from every day to every other day, with an occasional three or four day gap between shaves. Why? So as not to look or feel too scruffy.
What surprises me most about this thread is the number of members who don't want to shave every day, be it irritation or maybe they just don't enjoy shaving. I dare say that most of those member probably don't SR shave.

Oh well, each to their own.
Daily, I have oily skin so I find shaving keeps it cleanest. I found DE was a revelation in this respect compared to carts.
My stubble grows quickly as well, my skin doesn't irritate, so every day is no problem.
Weekends are the best time for me to get in a longer shave!
Usually every other day with an extra one-pass shave on Sunday, so 4 times a week. While I was on evac in Birmingham, though, I shaved every 24 to 36 hours. This week, in a spirit of exploration, I let my beard go for a full 72 hours and had a terrific shave . . . but I doubt I can let my face get that bristly once I go back to the office next week.
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