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How often do you shave and why?

I try to shave daily, though I do miss a day now and then. Feel like a bum when I do. Stubble, while fashionable, makes one look like he just awoke in a doorway. A generational thing, I guess.

That reminds me, it's now time to lather up!
I shave my face & neck every day, I think I’ve missed about five days since boot camp in 1993.
For special occasions, I’ll do a second shave in the evening to ensure there is no 5 O’clock shadow or stubble.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
From October to May I shave almost every day. At least 6 days a week from fall to spring.

May to Oct (spring to fall) I shave 2-3x a week as I spend a lot of time at the cottage. i don’t need to shave if will be fishing, drinking beer, playing cornhole and horseshoes and sitting around a campfire in the woods for a few days. Muskol bug spray and fancy aftershave isn’t a good combo surprisingly. 👍
You need to do what the First Nations and the Hudson's Bay Co/Northwest Co voyageurs did- cover your face and exposed skin with a mashed goldenrod/bear fat grease smudge, and be sure to work some of that bear fat grease into your hair.

The mosquitoes (and the women) will leave you alone and you can enjoy your beer and cornhole.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
I shave at about 4.15 AM at least 4, and usually 5 weekdays each week, and once on the weekend, usually on Saturday night just before going to bed. I could probably get away with shaving every other day, but I enjoy shaving and I like the refreshing feeling I get after a shave.


Goose Poop Connoisseur
Hello B&B, how often do you ladys and gents shave? Maybe once a day, twice a day or maybe just EOD? I personally shave twice a day very regularly. I love having a BBS smooth head at all times. It also gives me a reason to have more soaps, AS and accessories in my rotation 😬 I can tend to get "bored" with the same soap etc and I can honestly say that i enjoy having fun with the many different combinations of the products available. Let's hear it folks.
Every day. Always have; always will.
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