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How often do you shave and why?


Probably not Al Bundy
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Yeah, I’m more a traditional 3 T’s type of scents. Like citrus and especially woodsy scents like TOBS Sandalwood and GFT Spanish Leather. It’s hard to commit to a puck when you haven’t smelled it but it gets good reviews and is sold out from what I can see. What is there another non artisan sent you could compare it to?

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I wish I had more input on scents, my selection is limited and i have really only dabbled in artisan soaps aside from the classic shave sticks and a recent freebe of Williams of which none compare to A&E. My recommendation would be to grab a sample or two or three lol Maggards usually has the samples in stock to my knowledge. I need to get my hands on some TOBS sandlewood asap, I feel as though I am missing out. Maybe somebody here can chime in and help this member out?!
EOD here. I have sensitive skin and a very coarse and curly beard. I'd like to be able to everyday, but get irritation.

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Yes I know what you mean… I experimented with a cold shave and had mixed results. It’s supposed to help with sensitive skin. I can’t get a BBS or DFS if unless I have a hot shower it seems. But that could just be my technique. My first shave ever with my Slim adjustable two days ago was BBS from #5 down to #3.
Daily shaver here. Occasionally take a day off on the weekend but depends. I shave Monday through Friday for work, and on the weekend as I enjoy the process and the 'me time'.

With my stockpile of shave soaps, I should probably consider shaving two or three times a day.
I think you should shave twice. I cannot be the only one. Think of all the possibilities, combinations and all that BBS goodness
Every day with few exceptions.I kept a beard once for four or five months in the 70's and didn't like it. Although I sport a moustache I otherwise like having a clean shaven face, and now that I discovered that it can be a hobby I like it even more.

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