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How often do you purchase shaving items?

Shaving stuff purchase frequency?

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Normal Routine:

1. Come to B&B
2. Find out about a new product getting great reviews from those I trust
3. Purchase said product.
4. Come to B&B
5. Hear about a great product being changed/eliminated from market
6. Purchase said product.

I go through bursts of activity. I'll buy a bunch of stuff (mostly soaps and blades), then retreat to my den and let my wallet hibernate for a bit (potentially years).

Currently at or near a bit of a peak though. Over the last couple months I've bought:
-2 new razors (Fendrihan Mk II, RazoRock Game Changer .68)
-2 brushes (Omega 10086 "bigger bambino", 18mm Maggards synthetic)
-3 soaps (4 pucks of tallow Tabac, 1 puck of Stirling Varen, 1 puck of Canada Shaving Soap)
-lots of blades (200 Nacets, 100 Gillette Platinum dark blue, 250 Wizamet Super Iridium, 100 Derby Premium, 30 feather, 50 Wilkinson Sword Classic, 10 Timor)

I'm going to need a good long hibernation period to avoid angering the better half too much, once the wave subsides... (there might be a couple things left before the wave passes, shh).


Girls call me Makaluod
I totaled it up and I have bought 64 straight razors and 4 DE razors over the past 2 years. Adding soaps, brushes, strops, etc., I'm estimating less than every week so a few times each month on average.
For me it depends on the item. Soaps and cream I am very full right now, so I'm working to burn off the current crop, and will take... at least a year or two. But i'll see deals and add here and there. Razors after my intro to gem razors, I'm done acquiring and am good on razors. Brushes... I'm good on, but if I see a can't miss deal? So yes, depends on the item. In general? It probably works/averages out to 1 purchase every... 3 months? Some months will be more active than others. Like I said right now I'm in a satisfied spot, so just floating along.
Once every few months (or at least I try to stick to that). The GRUME helps. I have an addicting personality and always struggled with moderation. I treat hobbies like I treat getting a new tattoo. If I want something new or notice something I really like, I wait a while to see if I still want it later. A lot of the time the answer is no. I’ll pull the trigger if it’s something I still want after a bunch of time passes.
I buy:

1) Way to often. I have not really needed any shaving supplies in years.

2) When I have nothing better to do.

3) When I get on some hype train. I'm feeble-minded.:letterk1:

4) When I think something is going to get discontinued.

5) Aftershaves. Give me alcohol based aftershaves or give me death.

6) Whenever I visit this site regularly. When I stay away, I usually don't buy anything. When I come back, even for one day, I usually end up buying something. I'm usually happy with what I buy, so it's not all bad news.
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