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How often do you purchase shaving items?

Shaving stuff purchase frequency?

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My real answer is whenever I need to resupply and/or whenever I feel inspired to do so. Does that sound less snotty than "whenever I feel like it?"

Certainly having a ton of blades and enough soap for a couple of years helps. I also have quite a few items I use daily and have no interest in changing (razor, blade, WH, moisturizer, and possibly brushes), which makes shopping less interesting.

So it's possible I won't buy anything this year, maybe even probable. On the other hand, if you instigators post 58 times that a new soap is the best thing since sliced bread I will be forced (forced, I say) to get some. And I won't regret it for a second.
We could change the board name to shave acquisition disorders anonymous…. And a shrink could make money on some of us for shure…
But as long as your addiction is cheaper as the professional help it is negligible due to the vast return in feel good hormones released during the meditative state of mind during a shave

Now the biggie…. Could I get my health care insurance so far to cover the therapeutic addiction of shaving?
I try to buy only the bare minimum of what I need now, I have plenty of blades, and now I have a few soaps and a few aftershaves, so I'm really pretty good. I've also been laying off the "impulse" style purchase where I would buy a replacement item, yet I still had half of something laying around thus therefore just collecting stuff.

I did buy a puck of arko today only because my puck of Williams is pretty much gone, thus leaving me now with only 4 soaps. 5 aftershaves 3 brushs and about 20 blades not even.

Some of you all spend a mortage a month this stuff, I'm trying to go bare minimums and cheapest price now moving forward, now that doesn't mean I won't splurge from time to time, but I want to make sure I'm staying within my $100 a year budget.
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A tube of cream plus a backup and a few tucks of blades are about all I have around at any given time. That way, I can try something new when it's time to restock the cream/soap/blades if I feel like it without having a ton of stuff taking up space.
I used to purchase items several times per month. Then I recognized I had enough, more than enough!

These days, I purchase ‘splurge’ items (such as a dandy, new brush) once or twice per year. I am also on the market for ‘treasures’ that are out of production or where the formulation has changed (for example, Israeli red Personna or Polsilver SI blades, tallow soaps that are going ‘vegan,’ etc.) So I voted ‘monthly.’
I chose “several times a year” because that was the closest match to my historical purchases.
However, I’m in a really nice place hardware and software wise and therefore the buying has slowed down.
I’m about due to add some consumables (DE blades) but, I have enough to push it off for a while or wait for a great deal.
I voted several times a year, but the past does not necessarily predict the future. I have two unopened 800 ml bottles of 4711 plus the remaining third of another, all bought at the beginning of the pandemic. So I am set for aftershave. I have two still largely full tubs of Martin de Candre I have been using exclusively since last November. So I am set for soap. I am three or four blades into a pack of 100 Gillette Silver Blues and still have forty or fifty Israeli Personnas plus three of the Astras that came with my razor. Given that I get two weeks or more from most blades and that I really love my blades, especially the Gillettes, I am set for blades for a long while. I have two badger brushes in my daily rotation and a synthetic for travel. I ***** and moan about the way the Chubby sheds. So a new badger brush may be in my future, probably another Kent BK4 before they are gone. I love my razor, an Above the Tie Windsor with copper mild and regular plates. I cannot see ever replacing it, but the occasional chatter about the S1 very much intrigues me. In summation, I am a very well stocked person on the minimalist end of the spectrum and the next twelve months do not appear, yet, to look like buying months. However, this fine site has certainly piqued my interest into deepening my enjoyment through selective addition or replacement of items.
I’m at the point where I know my gear, I’m happy and comfortable with the variety of products I own, and I can easily resist the temptation to get “one last safety razor”, etc. But it’s still nice to get a new soap or a new brush from time to time.

I’d say 4-5 well informed acquisitions per year is probably going to be the model moving forward.
Several times a year. The European tallow - apocalypse due to Speick and Tabac moving to a non - tallow formula required some unplanned and ongoing stock up.
I assume not everybody posts every new acquisition in the forums. This post
piqued my interest, as well as several others I have read on B&B so I want to see how oblivious I really am to the spread of RAD on B&B. For clarification, by "shaving item" I mean every package inbound to your residence, i.e.
  1. if you purchase something from a drug store which contains mostly non-shaving stuff, this still counts
  2. if you purchase something off a shaving-only site, this counts
  3. if you purchase food in your local supermarket and a tube of shaving cream, this does not count. I'm not stopping anyone from mentioning this kind of shopping in your posts, though

Let me start - I have purchased twice this year. I find it highly unlikely I will need a third purchase until next year.
And what if I entered the nearby supermarket specifically to buy a tube of shaving cream or aftershave. This has actually happened to me. Does that count? :c1:
I went on a bit of a shopping spree in 2019, and I'm on a bit of one right now. But other than that, I usually only buy shaving cream or blades when I run out -- a few times a year -- and razors almost never.
A few times per year (2, sometimes 3) when the shave bug bites me and I buy (mostly) a couple of razors (vintage and modern) and a few 100s of blades and after that I just enjoy myself with what i've got. I have enough blades, soaps, creams and aftershaves for many, many years to come, but just like most shave addicts, I just have to try another razor at least once a year.
Let's say several times a year. I've gone for long periods without buying anything, until I get triggered by something and then go on little buying sprees. There are many things I did not really care much about before starting to pay so much attention to shaving.

For instance, the Speick tallow formulation is being discontinued; obviously, I must immediately hoard at least six sticks of Speick, that's only 300g after all! That led to the acquisition of some obscure German aftershaves and Borotalco talcum powder, to qualify for free shipping, of course! And throw in that 400ml Floid Vigorosso while you're at it -- the price is unbeatable!

There is an insanely low price on the Semogue SOC Finest Badger brush; I must buy one, naturally. You understand. Then, I found I liked the new brush so much, I had to also buy a Semogue SOC Finest Mistura brush to go along with it. I've been wanting one of those ever since reading some long B&B thread about the Mistura brushes.

I also got triggered by the discontinuation of tallow Tabac. Oh, and a crazy sale price on the Fatip razors with wood handles.

I'm trying to avoid any further triggers since I now have at least a decade's worth of shaving soap, blades, etc. There's probably enough razors and brushes for one lifetime, too.
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