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How often do you purchase shaving items?

Shaving stuff purchase frequency?

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I assume not everybody posts every new acquisition in the forums. This post
piqued my interest, as well as several others I have read on B&B so I want to see how oblivious I really am to the spread of RAD on B&B. For clarification, by "shaving item" I mean every package inbound to your residence, i.e.
  1. if you purchase something from a drug store which contains mostly non-shaving stuff, this still counts
  2. if you purchase something off a shaving-only site, this counts
  3. if you purchase food in your local supermarket and a tube of shaving cream, this does not count. I'm not stopping anyone from mentioning this kind of shopping in your posts, though

Let me start - I have purchased twice this year. I find it highly unlikely I will need a third purchase until next year.
I've purchased far too much, mostly online. What I'm seeking is rarely available from drug stores or supermarkets. I usually seek out auction sites, our own BST or shaving retailers online. I think I've got enough now and can start on my next obsession.
I replace shaving cream, Witch Hazel, and A/S when I begin to run low

I have enough hardware (2 razors, 2 brushes, 130 blades, aand a great scuttle) so for now I don't need anything else.
How come 1 counts and 3 doesn't?I'm so erratic.
The point is classification: RAD vs non-RAD. I assume if you dish a hundred bucks at a store and 5 of them are for shaving, this is negligible. If, OTOH, you buy all drug items offline- in a drug store - dish 100 bucks on personal hygiene, then this still might be a form of RAD.

Let me give an example. According to FDA and EFSA, the food supplement market is steadily growing. Most people I know* who are hooked on personal health boosters typically don't go to a drug store specifically for supplements, but they always include an item - whether they need it or not.
If I transfer this example to shaving, then this would still be RAD to me. Feel free to explain RAD if you understand the term differently. You can, of course, argue you go shopping for groceries every other day and buy a new razor every time while you're at it; then my implicit assumption is obviously wrong.

* I understand my acquaintance circle is not statistically representative
I have bought more than I should have within the last year. Right now at this second I can say I am set for some time. Of course that could change at any moment if something piques my interest and I feel I cannot live without it.
I'm new to the hobby so all of my purchases except my original Merkur 33C are within the past several months. That said, I have been on a bit of a spree lately, almost exclusively inexpensive purchases from that auction site. I have a thing for vintage razors and fortunately, they are very inexpensive. As @Beefdrippings mentioned, I have a case of RAD specifically. I have two brushes, two soaps, and twenty razors so you can see where my interest lies. I have mostly filled out my collection now and won't be buying nearly the amount of things I have been. I also now have some duplicates that I will either sell to recover some funds or possibly PIF here.

With that out of the way, I am curious to know what you are specifically trying to learn with this exercise. You started the thread by making mention of the environmental argument of traditional shaving so my guess is that you're making an argument that it doesn't hold true when someone is frequently purchasing products, the packaging and shipping involved, etc. It's the nature of many hobbies, particularly ones where you collect things, to make frequent purchases. Also, as others have mentioned here, I can't buy any of this gear locally. It would be great if there was a store near me that carried these products. I'd probably be there every other day. 😉
I hate to admit it, but it is billing cycle dependent. It's not necessarily bad because I can usually hold out till the new billing period. But when it rolls over, it's ch-ching$ch-ching$ch-ching$ until I scare myself into stopping. Then again, right now I am taking it easy so I can get a Timeless in one month 🤞

Also, right now, it's killing me that I can't buy anything from Spearhead Shaving while they are having a sale. They ran out of the EdT so that made it easier to restrain.
In the beginning almost every week because there's so much stuff I wanted to try, now it's a few times a year since I narrowed down my favourite brands, however there's a few items on the wishlist now 😁
Well in both examples you’re buying stuff at a store and adding something shaving related. RAD to me is Razor Acquisition Disorder, and doesn’t include things other than razors.
Just checked the abbreviations list. Turns out I meant MAD this whole thread, not RAD - thanks for pointing in the right direction.
X-AD has been slowing, but...

For me it's when things go on sale.
So there'll be a flurry of activity around Oct. 19-21 & Black Friday.
I also get sucked in by things that catch my eye on BST.
Also intriguing new items, so for example I pledged on a Twig the day that Kickstarter began.

Overall, 7 or 8 times a year now.
I recently picked up B&M's Gillette Sun Up clone in their, Reserve Classic. It is the first shave item I have wanted to purchase in quite a very long time, because I already have lifetime supplies of most of the typical shave stuff I use on a weekly basis.

If it's shave related, it has to be something that has really peeked my interest to get me to pull the trigger. :)


I'm a Lumberjack.
I envy those who said buy when it runs out. I hardly have anything run out due to my inventory and I have backup items. I said monthly because my buying is sporadic mostly based on reading reviews here or getting caught up in the general hype of a product. Recent example I just got a lupo (see the lupo thread) I’m trying to cut back purchases especially software because I’ve got so much now.
Depends on my mood, sales, and general drops.. i quickly tire of the same ol’ shave.. and i think when i started wet shaving has a lot to do with my lack of enthusiasm for certain things now.


I'm a Lumberjack.
Depends on my mood, sales, and general drops.. i quickly tire of the same ol’ shave.. and i think when i started wet shaving has a lot to do with my lack of enthusiasm for certain things now.
Great point. Sales motivate me too.
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