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    I visited a Kennedy's barber shop. The haircut and tip was sort of pricey. They have a haircut club for around $45 a month, that provides unlimited cuts per month. My hair grows at an average rate. I just can't see the value or need to get 2 or more haircuts per month. Anyone belong to a club like this?
  1. I do not need a fancy haircut so I am lucky that way. I cut my own hair with clippers every week or two weeks so it is always neat and tidy but short. My clipper was paid off after three cuts an I am now, if I remember correctly, at the second year of use.
  2. I get my hair cut every other week. I belong to a club of one ..... I made the investment last Summer in the form of a professional grade Wahl clipper and have never looked back. I cut my hair my way, anytime that I want and I have even learned to shave my own neck with little trouble using a mirror.

    I honestly do not understand what took me so long to start cutting my hair. No regrets and no turning back.

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    Once a month.
  4. once a week - either clippers or razor
  5. I'm thinking of signing up for one of those club plans. It sets you up for a haircut every three weeks or so, which seems about right. Since my wife died I normally go waaaaayyyyy too long between cuts. She used to be good about booking the appointments, but I'm not. It seems to be getting tougher to do walk ins without an appointment these days, so I go, can't get scheduled, and put it off a little longer.
  6. Interesting that I would see this thread just before heading to my barber for my monthly haircut. I would say I vary between 4-6 weeks. I were a traditional short haircut, not a clippered buzz. I have friends in the military or just choose to be closely shorn. They tend to go for a weekly trimmer cut. I asked my barber once and he said the "industry standard" for about when the average male has enough regrowth for a standard haircut and he said about 45 days.
  7. Every 4-6 weeks
  8. Every 4-6 weeks
  9. I hate going more than 2 weeks but I cut my own. Been using a set of Wahl clippers for years and my wife says I do a better job than anyone I've ever gone to. I'd call that a win/win.
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    Is tip included in that? If not then the price would go up and IMO wouldn't be worth it. I'd feel like I'd want to tip them still.

    I would like to keep a regular schedule of every 2 weeks. But that would be $40 per month since I give $20 per cut, tip included. so the $45 per month +tip....I'd pass.
    even if the tip was included I'd probably still pass
  11. Once a month for me and my two sons (9 and 12 years old). $12 each plus tip.

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    I get a cut every other week. I like to stay groomed.
  13. We I used to do a weekly "bald fade" at the $3 Vietnamese salon. It was one of those places where you need to go with someone who's a regular or you're stuck with the first barber for life. Most first timers will go to the barber with the shortest line, but that would be a mistake- there's a reason for the short line. I've since been using clippers with no guard for the few years.
  14. I think I finally found my barber shop! Marcelli's Barber Shop in Union City, CA. I have a 4 year old and a 10 year old son, and we used to go every 4-6 weeks to a very popular (busy) old school barber shop the next town over where I paid $20 for me and $18 each for the boys. But I got tired of waiting an hour to pay $60+ with tip so we started going to a Vietnamese lady much closer to home where I paid $8 for me and $6 each for the boys with no wait. I had a short, spiky cut and would go every 3 weeks and take the boys every other time. Unfortunately, I decided to grow my hair out to a standard cut and explained very plainly what I wanted, but she never understood a word I said as her English is very limited and proceeded to cut my hair the way she was used to. I wanted to find a barber who would listen to me and my boys and understand us, so now we go to a "regular guy barber shop" which is not as far as the first one but not as close as the last. The price is $11 for me and $9 each for the boys, a reasonable price in between the two others. Sometimes there is a short wait, but never an hour. They listen and give a good haircut. I'm sold!
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  15. Wow, haircuts are expensive in the US!!

    I pay £6 (about $10?), which is a standard price, at my local barber. No tip expected or paid.
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    Same here. $13
  17. Once a month or my wife tells me to get a haircut. Which ever comes first.
  18. 2 to 3 weeks.
    Recently a new Barbershop opened up that is great all around.
    $14 for a haircut, includes hot towel and head massage.
    $12 Straight razor shave
    Place has great chairs, tvs, and people.
  19. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe worth looking for your favourite style in one of the many Hair Stylist / salon magazines and ask her to do it.

    Just a thought.

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