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How often do you draw blood when shaving?

How often do you draw blood when shaving?

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The occasional pimple will draw blood, but while my technique has improved tremendously with practice, I've become more patient and pay attention to what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. I also think swapping between razors as well as DEs/SEs and a few straight razor shaves in has helped me be more in tune with what I'm doing so that the tool becomes less of a factor. Inattention/rushing or applying pressure to make up for a blade past its prime has done more harm in the past, and now that I'm aware of it, I can minimize/eliminate the aftereffects. I nearly wore out my first styptic pencil in the first year and bought another, but it sits unopened and I'm still using the first, albeit sparingly.
If I use a solid razor (like a Rockwell) combined with a solid blade (Astra, I like) and a good shaving foam... then I tend to be nick-free by the end. Sometimes a bit of razor burn.

The worst shave I ever had though was with a Feather blade that... must have been damaged or something. I looked like I'd been peppered by shrapnel!
Rarely for me. I know what blades and lather work for me so I stick with them and rarely bring something new into my routine. I shave in the evening times so I can enjoy the experience. I take my time and enjoy it all. As long as I don't rush I rarely have issues.
Don't be bashful. There's nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to the best of us. After all, we are driving a razorblade across the skin of our faces.
Rarely anymore. The only exception has been lately when Ive been playing around with a Schick Injector. The Injector gives a very close shave but when I nick myself with it, I nick myself pretty bad.
I almost never nick myself with my Gillette Super Speed though.
There is only one razor in my collection that I really ever cut myself with, namely the Yaqi slant.
Incident rate with it is about 10-15% of the time.
With every other razor almost never.
Sometimes seems about the right answer for me. For many years I went without a styptic pencil around, and would have readily answered rarely. But now, being older and on prescribed blood thinners, I bleed easily and readily. For example, if I just lightly scratch my arm or leg I can start bleeding. The smallest bit of roughness encountered on my aging, saggy, chubby face and neck combined with my grizzly stubble can result in a minor issue. As I've aged I heal much more slowly too, and re-openings happen. I can still go for long periods getting very close, weeper-free shaves, and then all of the sudden some weepers will happen again; in recent years I've again been keeping a styptic pencil and alum about the sink.

Back when I started DE shaving in the latter 1960s, it was far more common for me to have weepers and nicks when using any blade, canned foam, no real pre-shave preparation, and rushing to get out early for a long commute to work. Perhaps, my styptic pencil was my most reliable bit of kit.
It’s not often that I blood let, but I have and still do on occasion. It is always due to a blade that needs to see a stone or just complete lack of attention. Be well.
I have never drawn blood from shaving with an electric.
You're doing it wrong

Ha! and I though I was the only one who did that. way back when, when I was using an electric mostly, it would happen on occasion. Especially so when the screen wore out and developed holes. But sure enough, if I used too much pressure or if the razor somehow bound up on a thick patch of stubble it would occasionally tear out a whisker or otherwise scratch. Seems an odd thing to happen but it does.
When i used to shave with carts it was literal years without so much as a weeper. With DE, i’d say every other shave i get a weeper or two. Always in the same spots against the grain. I consider it the price of getting a BBS shave which is why i switched in the first place. The blades on carts just never got that close to my skin so i’d always have a few spots that weren’t perfect. I guess weepers are the tradeoff.
As I've learned to maintain the edge on my straights, I rarely get nicks. Occasionally a pimple might be sacrificed to the blood letting gods.

It's been two years or so since I have needed alum or a styptic due to a straight razor shave.

Now, most shaves result in blood staying on the inside of my skin.
Curse this thread!

It's been ages since I've cut myself, but as soon as I responded "rarely" I decided taking my shavette on the road was a good idea. First shave out of the dop kit I gave myself a nice little vertical line on my jawline during the XTG pass. The missus noticed later and asked, "Did you scratch your face?"

I'm still sticking with "rarely"...
I wish I could say never, but I have to pick rarely. It is many, many years since I last time nicked myself. Sometimes I might get micro bleeding from some small pimples, but I do not know if those counts as they do not need any treatment.
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