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How much water do you drink each day and has it changed over the years ?

Two words that will save your life in a dry climate...”Clear Pee”!

Good advice. I never liked drinking water. For years I had a job where I was out doing inspections most days and didn't have many options for bathroom stops, so I avoided fluids. "Clear" became my gauge for my body needing water at the end of day. I've been retired for 10+ years, but "clear" is still my indicator.
Same as the other UK raised guys here, water from a tap, but I don't remember drinking that much of it. I went to a boarding school for A levels and sport was a huge part of life there, certainly during the winter timetable we played rugby 3 times a week and the idea of squirting water into you at every breakdown in play was unheard of. I suppose we drank water afterwards but I am not certain where we would have got it from.

Nowadays, 3 - 4 mugs of tea each morning, then only water (or alcohol!) after lunch time. Usually 4 large glasses of filtered water.
I drink it all the time. All day and all night. If I get up to use the bathroom, I drink water. When I wake up, 1 glass of OJ with CDB elixer,1 cup of black coffee and water all day.

The water here is appalling so we run it through a Brita


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Somehow these days those public water have disappeared, no doubt due to lack of funds or some health and safety rules.

Really, they went away because no one was using them, so it made no sense to maintain them. Just like public telephones went away when cell phones became more popular, public water fountains largely vanished when bottled water and personal water bottles became more popular.

I noticed the trend in construction. For a short while around 15 or 20 years ago (maybe even longer) there would be a discussion about whether to include a water fountain before where to put it. Before that, it was a given that one would go in. When we do new construction these days, no one even talks about whether to install a water fountain. They just don't happen. Almost no one uses them. Even places that want to provide water for staff or customers (or even patients) in the event they are called to typically would rather have bottled water on hand than a fountain.


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I realized that I replied but didn't chime in.

I keep plain water with no ice within reach pretty much all the time.

I didn't drink much water as a kid, but I started drinking a lot more once I got to college. The difference was that, once I got to college, I had to start paying for all that stuff that wasn't water! That was right about the time that I noticed I got rather tired and pretty crabby if I wasn't drinking enough water.

These days, not counting what I drink due to exercise or drinking alcohol, I try to get in around 3 liters or so over the course of a day. I have these four mugs that are roughly a pint. I fill them all up at the same time. My goal (which I typically meet) is to empty them before lunch and then again before bed.

I have my own regime when 8 exercise that works well. I also step things up when drinking alcohol or more coffee than my normal shot or two of espresso over the morning.

I don't drink Coke or other sodas anymore. I just don't like them. I might still try one from time to time, but I like them less and less every time I try one. I do like seltzer and other sparkling waters, although I need to watch the sodium on some.
Ok where I come from we think in liters (4l 1gallon)

3-4 150ml cups of the black engine
2 300ml cups of tea
And approx 300ml of tap water

soda rarely
And I try to keep wine under 200ml a day

as a kid I liked soda and as an adult coffee
Our water is safe and tastes good


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Stay clear not yellow!

Today was a normal day for me. I took a 1/2 gallon Yeti to work with me. It was filled with ice and water. I added a 1 liter bottle of water during the day and brought it home empty and opened a 1/2 liter bottle of water and drank it on my way home. Since being home I have polished off two 40oz tumblers of water with fresh lemon squeezed into it.
It’s really warm here in South Texas.

As a kid we always drank water but it was from the hose, windmill, or the canal for the most part.
I have pretty much stopped drinking all sodas, and now only drink sparkling water, kombucha, and coffee, the latter usually in the form of espresso, usually only a shot or two a day. I probably drink a litter of water a day now in the form of water. I used to drink none.
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