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How much stuff do you use in your shaving ritual? And in what order?


I shaved a fortune
My post shave activities are more involved since I have some skin issues. I use an alum block... wait a minute or so. After I rinse off the residue, I put on Metro Gel, a prescription from my dermatologist and let that settle for a few minutes. Then I apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum, let that settle also. Finally, I use the very fine Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream. Complete.

My typical preshave is during a bath where I wash my face with soap. The hot vapor is also part of that prep. Afterwards I use a DE razor, shaving cream, a brush, a bowl and I finish off with alum block and then an aftershave.
Soak brush
Bloom puck (if needed)
Was face with soap
Apply pre shave
Shake out brush, pour bloom water on brush, shake out
Brush to puck, face lather
Warm Razor
Shave, Usually 3 Pass every other day
Squeeze remaining lather from brush, rub on face, touch up if needed, rinse
Post shave balm
I use quite a lot! (although some are part of my routine whether I shave or not)

- Face Wash (plus a scrub once or twice a week) = Nice and Clean
- Pre-shave Oil = moisturises and conditions the stubble/skin
- Soap + Lather Scuttle + Brush = Nice warm lather
- Razor + Blade = whiskers gone
- Alum = feedback on the shave, antiseptic and astringent, closes any minor weepers,
- Styptic pencil = used very rarely for any larger weepers!
- Witch Hazel Toner = Cleans off the Alum, also an astringent, anti-inflammatory and good for the skin in general (used whether I shave or not)
- NIOD Skin Serums = Keeps me looking young (apparently)! (used whether I shave or not)
- Aftershave Balm = Sooths the skin and smells nice
- SPF Moisturiser = Moisturises and protects (used whether I shave or not)
- EDT or EDP = Keeps me smelling nice throughout the day (used whether I shave or not)
I also use quite a lot, I have a skin care routine which I follow also on days I don't shave.

- Shower and wash face with cleanser
- Face lather with brush loaded from soap puck
- Shave with DE or straight razor (includes stropping if using straight)
- Rinse off face after final pass with cold water
- Rub alum block over face
- Rinse off alum
- Apply styptic gel if anything more than a little weeper
- Apply witch hazel
- Use either splash or balm, depending on what I'm in the mood for
- Apply anti acne serum and anti acne moisturiser
- Apply EDT if going out


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Wash face in shower.
Brush, soap, razor/blade (scuttle, or not)
Warm water rinse, followed by cold water rinse.
Around 3-6 times a year, for absolutely no good reason, I deviate enough from the usual shaving routine enough to produce a weeper. After mental weeping and gnashing of teeth, I use alum block.
Thayer's WH w/aloe
Shower where I wash my face, then straight to the sink and lather up after a hot water swill, shave, rinse with cold water, alum, whitch hazel, Balm, aftershave only if going out.
My typical -
  • Cold water face wash with Kiehl's Facial Fuel
  • Truefitt's Pre-Shave - only if using a new soap, multiple days growth, or shaving late in the day
  • Face lather with natural bristle brush
  • Shave with mild razor
  • Cold water rinse between passes
  • Lightly rub soap stick (Mühle Sea Buckthorn) for final pass
  • Clean up pass with BIC Metal if BBS is required
  • Healthy splash of Kiehl's Blue Astringent (witch hazel) while cleaning up and stowing soap and hardware
  • Apply aftershave splash
  • Use Post-Shave balm depending on soap used or if I've been out in the sun

  • Sulwhasoo face emulsion after my evening shower
Toilet paper & styptic pencil? Oh my gosh, do guys still use this stuff? It's like being beamed back to the early 1960s? Forget the toilet paper, styptic pencil and alum block. In the 60s, drug stores sold cheap containers of "shaving alum" for weepers. nicks and cuts. I still have some of my original container from 1965. Got thee to a grocery store and look for a powdered alum or McCormicks alum in the spice aisle. Dap a wet finger in and cover the weeper or nick. When dry brush it off. If it still bleeds, reapply. It's cheap and effective.


I shaved a fortune
i never liked the white residue left over from styptic pencils. I use liquid styptic. I bought three little bottles of it years ago. Gave one to our youngest son... still haven't opened the third one yet.
I guess I follow the typical steps but spend more time after the shave. Specifically:

Rinse with warm water
Lather: bowl or face, depending on what soap I'm using (cream, stick, hard, foam)
Shave: 2 passes, WTG-XTG and touch-ups (sometimes ATG)
Rinse with cold water
Apply alum and wait for a minute
Rinse with cold water
Apply witch hazel
Apply alcohol-based aftershave (Skin Bracer, Brut, Tabac, you name it)
Optional step: spot apply styptic stick if still needed (rarely, but it happens)
Apply aftershave balm or moisturizing cream

The long aftershave routine seems to work for me as I get zero irritation 99% of the time.
Good question!

I usually list five items and use them in the following order:
1. Brush (wet first then go to the puck)
2. Soap
3. and 4. Razor and Blade (used at the same time)
5. Splash

That’s it for me!
+1...This is precisely my routine
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