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How much resistance do you feel when shaving ATG on neck?

I do a normal 3 pass shave and then thin my lather and do very long strokes across the grain very fast and very light with minimal pressure. I can do this more than once You can feel the reduction. I get very good results every day.
don't think I've ever tried it with a DE. a quicky one pass shave ATG with a Gem was my go to for a long time. I'd get some resistance (the longer the whisker the more resistance regardless of razor for me) but no irritation. but it's much stiffer and thicker a blade alone than any DE.

a full hollow straight gets more resistance than a 1/4 hollow or wedge for me on a first pass ATG. as a second/third pass? it's just noise and no real feel for any razor.

if you're confident with your skills now, you could try incorporating a J hook, and later a bias or scything cut ATG for a smoother cut. the downside is, if you cut yourself it'll be a good one and not just a weeper.
If you are a daily shaver. Targeting a DFS shave is safer and more relaxing. When well done it ends up leaning against a BBS. Going beyond a BBS eliminates a daily shave, not enough whiskers, the next day.

The more techniques and strokes you introduce into your shave raises the variables you must address and contend with. Trying a whole bunch of good suggestions and dragging them into a shave with problems adds complications.

A locked wrist with short quick strokes is the only stroke you need. It works everywhere including buffing. Shaving stretched or bunched up skin effectively is more difficult than shaving Flat relaxed skin. Stretch your skin and then relax the stretch to Flat.

We are all in a hurry to get to “The Shave”. In the early going the further you get away from the basic three pass shave and a basic stroke. The longer your journey. More baggage you are dragging along and have to deal with. As your shave technique improves you will be able to add or drop passes to suit your designed shave. If you cannot dominate your three pass shave going forward will be longer not shorter.

I didn’t get serious enough with pre-shave and post shave skin conditioning for two years. Big Mistake. For some sensitive skin shavers with irritation every bit as important as the shave. You cannot shave damaged skin without increasing damage.

Whisker resistance that’s the easy one. Properly Hydrated whiskers (a shower pre-shave, anything less will be less whisker hydration) Not an option if you’re working the problem. A pre-shave the greasier the better. I use shea butter. Lather always must be in the slick zone before you start stroking. You’re working a problem you need a fresh blade every time. There’ll be no hesitation or resistance with these basics in play. If you have skin irritation following the above. It can only be one thing. Too much downward pressure. Lightening up your stroke will then be the fix. If you choose to bring in all the dazzle dazzle with three or four different techniques and strokes you are adding variables that you have to adjust or eliminate, to solve your problem.

I came to B&B with very sensitive skin a bleeding neck with plenty of irritation. I used and practiced the basics. It takes time and commitment. I face and head shave weekly. After a year or so my Single ATG Pass I relaxed into a two Pass ATG. I like lathering. Always BBS +. Always great skin comfort. The basics are the shortest way to success.
Golden Green. May I ask who makes the 'SC' Razor? I may have some advice.
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