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How much post shave balm do you use?


How much post shave balm do you use? I am using Nivea cooling, it says to apply liberally... but I use about a nickle sized amount and I think that's enough, although I am not 100% on that.

I have a couple of balms. One of them is in a pump-top container, and I use about 3 pumps (which are small) for the whole neck and face. The other two are open-topped and I have to guess on the appropriate amount, but I generally try to keep it to about the same size of dollops. If I put too much on, it either ends up sticky or greasy-looking, and doesn't absorb entirely.

As with anything, YMMV.
um..i usually use an amount slightly smaller than a peanut. Does the job. I remember reading somewhere in B&B that as far as PSB is concerned, more is not necessarily better.
I'm not a regular user of balms, but when I do I use only as much as needed to get it nicely absorbed by my skin in a short time.
And this of course depends on the used balm.
I typically apply about 4 small dabs of the Musgo Balm when finished...one for each cheek and one for each side of my neck regions. Probably in total about the size of a nickel's worth.

Generally about an almond sized glob (of Nivea anyway). I find that covers pretty much the whole face and neck fine. any more and i end up spending quite a while rubbing it in.

Strange how in shaving the optimum size of product tends to be "almond sized" :lol:

I use the Nivea Sensitive, maybe a quarter size or more. I probably use too much, but my old dry face absorbs it over 5-10 minutes. The face feels good after that. If I'm leaving right away I just use less.
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