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How much is your shave property value?


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I have downsized and minimalized my shave den quite a bit over ten years. But the first few years, I had quite a bit of shave stuff.

The value of my itemized shave den now? Let’s see:

The two most expensive razors I have, are the two I use the least. A Dovo Bismarck I got as a gift, it’s about $180 now, but I think the wife paid $150 then. I also have a Fendrihan stainless steel MKII I got back in the day when the all SS modern razor craze began. It only cost me $40 at the time, but SS razors are too heavy for my liking.

The few razors I have in my den I use the most are either vintage DE and SE or shavette’s, none of them cost much money. So,

Dovo Bismarck $150

Sanguine R5 $17
Luxor Pro $14

Fendrihan MKII Stainless $40
Merkur 33C in Case $23
Gillette Flair Tip Super Speed in Case. $25
Schick Krona in Case. $25
Chinese Gillette Super Blue $3

GEM Micromatic in Case. $10
GEM Push Button $5

Vintage Trac II in Case. $40

Razor Total: $353

100CT Polsilver Super Iridium $30
100CT Wizamet Super Iridium $30
100CT Gillette Silver Blue $30
100CT Gillette Platinum Blue $15
100CT Israeli Red Personna $25

Blades Total: $130


4 new Arko and 1 used Sticks $12
1 new and 1 used puck Haslinger Shafmilch $12.75
1 Half Kilo discontinued Klar Kabinett $20
20 La Toja shave sticks new 2 used $105
1 barely used puck L’OCCITANE Cade $12
4 Tubes Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Cream $24
2 Tubes C.O. Bigelow (rebranded Proraso) $15

Soap/Cream Total: $201

Plisson La Madison du Barbier synthetic $40
Omega S-Brush $8
Omega Mighty Midget mixed boar/badger $10
Omega #10029 ‘Baby Pro’ $12
Maggard’s Timberwolf 18mm synthetic travel brush $15

Brush Total: $85


This is going to be impossible to itemize, since I have a collection of around 200 modern and vintage aftershaves. All moderns are purchased new and many are in a used state, but also have new back stock stored away.

A lot of my vintage stuff was purchased in new old stock condition, while others were already opened bottles from antique, stores and malls and thrift stores and swap meets.

So I’m just going to estimate it all at $500, because the itemized research even for price estimations of worth would be exhaustive.

200 aftershaves vintage & modern $500.

Total Shave Value: $1,275.00

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Well, I don't know what it's currently worth, but I know precisely what I've spent.

Let's just say there is a certain detailed spreadsheet that would definitely trigger an annoying conversation with the War Dept.

Granted, if one is going to shave at all, any method (cartridge, electric, DE, SR) will involve costs. The portion above and beyond what the typical "non-enthusiast" would spend is what can get us into trouble. :cool:

Of the money spent in total, here's the percentage breakdown by year.

51% 2014
7% 2015
0% 2016
5% 2017
3% 2018
2% 2019
9% 2020
2% 2021
20% 2022

For a while there I was mainly just replenishing supplies, not expanding. This year I am back into an exploratory mood. A friend gave me a Merkur 34C she was no longer using, all nice and sanitized, but I already had a 34C, so I ended up giving it to a coworker along with a few other supplies. I think I have him on the wet shaving path now, and he has raved about his initial shaves.

I don't really have any major hardware goals right now. Sometime, though, I should probably explore the vintage DE stuff. Maybe a birth year (1969) razor? I don't have anything like that.


I shaved a fortune
I just added 4 new soaps in the past couple weeks.... and I've added a couple brushes this month... one more will show up eventually... part of a FB group order.

I seem to be slowing down for the moment. I was able to fight off the urge to buy a soap based on a thread looking into their new releases over the past 8 months or so. I did take almost a whole Mark Knopfler album to read the thread start to finish, though.

I don't like the first two soaps I bought before I knew anything. I'll pass those on to the son who got me into wet shaving. He only shaves his neck and cheeks up to his beard line.

So, I'm guess I'm in around $1k at the moment. I'll run the numbers.
One gifted razor...and razor I purchased so

2 razors @ $160 purchase price

5 brushes: ~ $230

8 soap (with a couple extra for stock): ~ $300

Blades: $200

Bowls and other misc.= $150

Close guess: total $1040.00
Value is what you get. Price is what you pay.

I get a perfect shave with ARKO, a VDH razor an AstraSP blade, and a Cremo horsehair brush. There is nothing with a higher "value." Plenty of things with a higher price.
I try not to think about it too much. I have finally arrived at the point where I have what I like to use, and the spending has slowed considerably. There is a handy app called "Shaving Buddy" which keeps track of all the inventory. It also can track your daily shaves, which I don't do. I am not sure I can use all the software I have amassed/hoarded, but I now know what I have. When I travel in Europe it is really difficult not to continue to stockpile at drugstore prices.
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You were lucky because......................


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I'm not doing a research project but I wouldn't be surprised if I'd spent a couple grand (USD) over the past 10 years, maybe more, maybe less. Makes no difference to me.
I try not to think about it. My philosophy is that if you ignore something for too long, it just disappears. I think I've spend a good amount of money, but then again I was probably going to spend those money on something else and even if I somehow got all my money back, I don't think they would make any difference at all.
I try not to think about it. My philosophy is that if you ignore something for too long, it just disappears. I think I've spend a good amount of money, but then again I was probably going to spend those money on something else and even if I somehow got all my money back, I don't think they would make any difference at all.
Bingo! For some it might but, I suspect for most that post here, it does not.
Ooof...kinda afraid to tally up the brushes alone :o15: I've spent less than $75 since pre-Covid though on some antique finds.
Two dozen straights is just fine as I also use DE razors and a couple of SE razors (one uses AC blades, the other Schick injector). I like variety in my shaves, so a matching 7-day set would not be my style. I am considering adding a Feather DX shavette one day.
Get the SR instead. You can thank me later.
My wet shaving amount spent is in the thousands for sure. Even though I don't have any really expensive razors or brushes, the soap "museum" is where the $$# is.
First of all there are two numbers at play. The amount I actually spent and the amount my wife thinks I spent. If you tell the same story enough you start believing it yourself. Now with the kidding aside I honestly don’t know. I have well over 100 soaps and that goes for razors too. Many of my razors are vintage and mostly from eBay. I have somewhere between 60 and 80 brushes and 40-50 aftershaves.
My SWAG on the amount would be $5,000????? Nope. Better nock that up to $6,000.

I figure I’ve saved about as much money shaving with DE blades as I have saved putting meat on the table by hunting.
2 sets of books--I like it!
I didn’t SPEND anything. I INVESTED. Think about how much my stuff will be worth in a few decades… 7000-8000 soon to be VINTAGE razor blades, 50+ soon to be VINTAGE badger and boar brushes, dozens of soon to be VINTAGE soaps, VINTAGE Wolfman and VINTAGE VINTAGE Gillette razors, etc. I’ll be rolling in the $$$ at the retirement home. 😜

Honest answer is that I have no idea what I have spent. I would guess… $lots.
Thousands. I'm not going to attempt adding it all up. The good news is that I have enough razors, blades, soap, aftershaves and fragrances to last the rest of my life. As Jackie Mason famously said..."You currently have all the money to last the rest of your life, unless you buy something!"
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