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How much is your shave property value?

I am with sarimento1. I should plead the 5th.

When I started traditional wet shaving about 7-8 years ago after decades of shaving with electric razors and cartridge razors, I decided that my goal was to find razors, blades, straight razors, hones, strops, soaps and brushes that would provide me with the very best shaving experience. With my tough beard and sensitive skin, it took me several years of experimenting before I could get a very close shave without irritation. Although I reached that goal a couple of years ago, I am still trying to improve the quality of my shaves.

I have over 200 shaving soaps ranging from about $1 up to $50. I suspect I have spent around $4000 on soaps, but great one make a huge difference in my shave.

I have about two dozen straight razors ranging in value from $15 up to $600. I guess the total value is similar to my soap collection.

I have 15 shaving brushes ranging from $15 to $165. The total value is probably around $1500.

I have a large collection of hones ranging in value from $40 up to $300. I guess the total value is somewhere around $2000.

I have several strops with the most expensive being a Cordovan shell strop costing around $300. My strop collection is somewhere around $800.

My De razor collection is much more modest with several of the razors being around $30. However, I do have a Karve stainless with two base blades. My guess for them is around $600.

Blades are cheap, something like $200.

Incidentals are probably another $1000.

Thus, my total is probably somewhere around $14,000 or about $2000 per year over the course of my hobby. Compared to many hobbies, that is not that bad. I have bird feeders on my back deck and spend more than that on bird seed and peanuts.

Now that I can get a close shave without irritation, my expenditures have decreased significantly. I usually try a new soap every month. but that is a lot less than what I used to spend. I have more than enough supplies to last me for the rest of my life.
I’ve been trying to downsize my den for he last two years, but my den currently is worth about $1,000 USD. Time to post up more on the BS&T!
Ask Goodwill that's where it will be after I pass
I often ponder how many razors are purchased with the rational it will last my lifetime and then some. It will be an heirloom razor and will be passed down to loved one. Then the true reality is the razors end up on a garage sale table with a five dollar price tag.


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I have about two dozen straight razors ranging in value from $15 up to $600. I guess the total value is similar to my soap collection.

Only a couple of dozen? Come on, you can do better than that. How about a few matching seven-day sets of straight razors?
Mine is something like this.


Merkur 39c Sledgehammer razor £60
Gillette Fusion razor £8
Pack of Gillette Fusion Skinguard carts £12
10 tucks of Nacet blades £5


Bodyshop Aloe cream £7
GFT Spanish Leather cream £10
GFT Spanish Leather and Sandalwood skin foods £26
Alum block £3

Grand total £139

Please note these figures are approx as I can’t remember exactly the cost of each and every item. The brush was a gift hence why it’s not listed.


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Did a quick calculation the other day just to see how much I spent over the last 4 years and it is modest and I have a lot of gear.
Razors: $950 US approximately- well over 50 razors, vintage and modern.
Blades: $100 US approximately- well over 600 de & SE blades.
Brushes:$275 US, approximately over 30 brushes mostly synthetic 18+, badger 8 & boar 5.
Soap & aftershaves:$250 US, approximately 13+ soaps and 12+ aftershaves.
Consumed already in blades and soaps and aftershaves & shipping costs $230 US
Total approximately=$1800 US
It has been worth every dollar for me because it became a good hobby to keep my mind off worries while Wife and myself have been having health issues of the last 3 years. I used a cartridge razor for over 40+ years and really enjoy this traditional wet shaving.
I had to shave daily in some of my jobs in oil and gas & pulp and paper for over 26 years so daily shaving is still going on and enjoying the learning curve of learning and writing on the forums also.
Calculating...calculating...calculating...oh no

Considering lying...conscience won't permit it...what to do...

Not going to answer this one. But I don't regret a penny of it, except that one eBay razor where I didn't look at the picture closely enough and wound up with trash.
1968 - 2018:

Purchases -
Gillette Techmatic / 1 refill cartridge
1 Schick Injector / ~ 20 refill cartridges
1 Merkur 36 slant
~ 50 packs of generic (Personna) DE blades
1 drugstore boar
~ 100 pucks of Williams Mug, 10 pucks Col Conk Amber
2 or 3 Goodwill coffee cups

Gifts -
1 Gillette Old Type
1 tub Caswell&Massey Almond shave soap
1 Plisson badger
1 Col Conk pewter mug
12 oz Pinaud Virgin Islands Bay Rum

2018 - present

many DE, SE, injector, SR, hones, strops
not 'overstocked' on blades
lifetime supply of inexpensive soaps
a gallon or two of barbershop and drugstore aftershaves
new SRs are definitely my most expensive category

Definitely @sarimento1 when it comes to adding it all up.


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I am with sarimento1. I should plead the 5th.

Please allow me to quote @sarimento1 on this:

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My wife is very supportive, but I don't want to push my luck!

I plead the fifth. And I didn't even need counsel advice to do that. So I saved some money there.

Ditto here!

Not going to answer this one.

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I'm with you.

I'm backing off on saving money wet shaving, slowly, because there's nothing else to buy. I looked it up. I've reached the bottom of the rabbit holes.

Happy shaves,


Definitely @sarimento1 when it comes to adding it all up.
Safety in numbers. I will also take the 5th. :)
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