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How much is your shave property value?

„…if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” (Nietzsche)

Just as this morning (during shaving, when else?) I was wondering how much is the value of my shaving stuff? It would be interesting to hear from you, Gents, what is the situation with you?

Be warned it will be quite a challenge to put these together (for some almost impossible I guess)!
(In exchange you might learn something.)

Since making exact estimation on the money (well :)) spent on our Hobby, I figured ot these simple rules. They could be better (as always) but it’s about the fun! :)

All amounts are in USD.

If you don’t have the exact amount in your head for your items just use the prices that come up first on the web.

1. „Software”

shaving creams and soaps
shaving brushes
pre and aftershaves (including alum blocks, olis etc. as well)

2. „Hardware”

shave scuttles and mugs
razors and blades
hones and stones etc.
blade banks, razor/brush holders

3. „Miscellaneous”

Since we spend money on things like towels, boxes, M5 washers, tube keys, etc-etc… Since these can be numerous and hard to collect feel free to make an educated guess. :)

If you are tempted, share your numbers in line with the following:

For stuff that is 5 or less years old whenever possible use the approx. price at which your stuff was purchased. (Use the search engines! Your memories might mislead you.)

If it’s 5 years plus old or you got it as a gift, use the amount you feel realistic (!). I know your great grandfathers’ razor has a value that can’t be determined… Maybe think on it as if you wanted to sell it how much money would you accept for it? (Leave the feelings aside, again!)

Indicate these 3 numbers with some short comments –and see what you have done! :)

Quite a challenge putting these together even with this moderate amount (my takeaway from this was that I thought it to be moderate, but that’s not the case…) of stuff…

My numbers are:

Software: 695 USD
Hardware: 119 USD
Miscellaneous: 50 USD

Total 932 USD

Happy shaves!


Mr. Obvious
First of all there are two numbers at play. The amount I actually spent and the amount my wife thinks I spent. If you tell the same story enough you start believing it yourself. Now with the kidding aside I honestly don’t know. I have well over 100 soaps and that goes for razors too. Many of my razors are vintage and mostly from eBay. I have somewhere between 60 and 80 brushes and 40-50 aftershaves.
My SWAG on the amount would be $5,000????? Nope. Better nock that up to $6,000.

I figure I’ve saved about as much money shaving with DE blades as I have saved putting meat on the table by hunting.


Remember to forget me!
I'm no collector or hobbyist, but it would still be a much bigger task than I'm prepared to embark on.

With 8 or 9 mug soaps in the stock pile, about the same number of tub soaps, and a couple of creams, software would be the higher value. That said, the total value I have spent on traditional shaving, would still be FAR less than what cartridge shaving would have cost me.
Putting into context my almost 1000 usd is a result of (various price range from castle forbes to a 1 usd Figaro cream)
14 soaps
5 creams
7 aftershaves
2 razors
100 blades
4 scuttles

It might work for you if you compare your stuff to these numbers 😉
I'm not going to answer that, on advice from counsel.

Seems like a good time to mention the three prices you pay phenomenon. There's the price you paid, the price you told *her* you paid, and finally the price you pay when she discovers what you *actually* paid.
Luckily for me there is a price she paid when she bought me gifts. And she even advised me to buy the better stuff!
I mostly say that in jest, Mrs. Scandalous is well aware of the larger purchased and even encouraged them.

I did some rough math and it's not so bad. Probably less than 200 on software including fragrance. Probably 70 on brushes, if that. 300 worth of hones and strops. Straight razors, under 1500.


Girls call me Makaluod
My total expenditure on shaving related gear over the past two years since joining B&B has been USD 5,827.

The value as defined in the OP of my current holdings is:

Software = USD 183
Hardware = USD 2,320
Miscellaneous = USD 215
One Meeeeeeeelion dollars. Plus-or-minus.


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