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How much is too much?

I am glad I stocked up on ammo a few years ago when 9mm FMJ was 33 cents per round and 5.56 NATO was 50 cents per round. I bought it in case we were invaded by China or North Korea. Now the USA has become so divided politically, terriorism is more likely to come from within than without. I wonder if I might need to to defend my home and family from extremists on either side of the divide. I pray it does not come to that. I fear there will be violence, no matter who wins the election next month.
1.50 @ round for Tier 1 Hollowpoint
.35 @ round for brass cased FMJ

I would also offer that have a written plan when you go to the range 50 or 100 rounds that begins with a speed drill for time simulating an emergency presentation of the weapon i.e 3-5 rds on an 8 inch plate at 5 yrds, presenting from concealment with a big step off line. 1st round out in 2 secs max/cold/every time.
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