How much for soap?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by naughtilus, May 7, 2019.

What's the most $ you are willing to pay for soap?

  1. As cheap as possible

  2. Under $10

  3. Under $20

  4. Under $30

  5. Sky is the limit

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  1. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    When does the alarm go off in your head, at what price point? I can't get myself to spend more than $20 for basic puck of soap. I paid under $25 for Tabac and MWF in their original ceramic bowls.
  2. Tabac, MWF and some Dr Harris soaps that come packaged in special bowls are an exception.
  3. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Container that accepts manufacturer's refills is to me a good addition to the den.
  4. Very few soaps are worth more than $20 IMO. MdC, would be an exception, for example, and on a per shave basis it is very reasonably priced because it lasts so long.
  5. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Under $10 for me where possible. I have paid more for a Tabac refill but I don't have a Tabac soap holder. Same with the ones that have a nice ceramic container. I might splurge on one of those eventually. I do have a tub of B&M Tuesday that I paid Australia $19.95. I have not used it yet. I have too many cheap soaps to get through first.
  6. Under $20 is my trigger point. If I see something I’d like to try and it’s $24.99 that’s a big nope. $17.99? Eh, I’ll never miss it...
  7. I live in the world of “it depends”. As has already been brought up, some manufacturers package in re-useable bowls that to my mind may or may not be an added value.

    Then, there is also the reality that not all soap purchases are equal. Some people buy their Cella by the kilogram brick.

    If the scent was exactly right, performance truly elite, portion size generous enough, and it were packaged in the right reusable soap bowl, I could see exceeding $30 being a reasonable proposition.
  8. I’m with the under $20’s. I’ve found soaps generally last about 4-5 months for me and that’s right about what a can of Barbasol used to last. There’s something not right about paying more than 10 times the amount for something that in my opinion is only marginally better. That said i do love the routine and scents so i consider it worth the premium if it’s under $20. Totally arbitrary but that’s my cutoff.
  9. I aim for $20 as a cap, though situations could push me a bit beyond that.

    I constantly try to remember I have so many (approx 20) and the risk of them loosing scent before being used up is a thing. Thus, I have a soft limit on cost, a soft limit on the number of soaps, and I use my favorites the most. That way, if something goes scentless years down the road, it's likely a secondary soap that I've still gotten some use out of. Limit the regrets.

    PS: the addiction is real and it is strong. 6 months down the line, I'll probably be saying the same thing, except my soap limit will be no more than 30. Hopefully I'll keepcnear to the $20 limit though. Lol.
  10. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    I have never tried MDC, but I have some soaps that have pushed that price range. I get fantastic performance from most of my soaps and most of them cost around $15 USD.
  11. When I started buying Colgate and Williams the price must have been under a dollar. That was nearly 50 years ago! Gee, what an old geezer.

    It wasn't easy to transition to soaps that now sell for $10 to $20. More than that strikes me as excessive. So, yeah, guess $20 is my limit.
  12. Value is in the eye of the buyer...
  13. Under 20. But after trying some EUR15 products (like Truefitt and TOBS), my impression is that the difference with many products below EUR 10, is simply in the scent. It is more important the selection of razor and blades, than the soap for me. I can only name a few cheap creams that i have found somewhat lacking in slickness, which though i can still use just fine. I can name many more cheap creams where i really don't remember some erathshattering difference with Truefitt or TOBS aside the scent and the plastic container. Bottom line is, i am willing to give up to EUR20, but now my tendency is more towards sub-EUR 10. I am not a complex scent hunter either. I will give again EUR 20, if i am again in a mood for having a soap with elaborated fragrance. I don't see this mood coming often again though.
  14. I'm using Pannacrema Nuavia Blu now and it is fantastic, scent, shave quality as well as the best post shave I have ever experienced. Yes its $60.00 but it lasts a long time and there is no need for balm or AS. I don't even us my alum block or Thayers. Never tried MDC, but that will be next purchase.
  15. Under $20, except where the cost includes a nice refillable container (e.g., DR Harris, MWF or Tabac), or where the size of the soap is sufficiently large that it reasonable reflects an increased costs (e.g., MdC, RR Dead Sea).

    I would additionally note that shipping charges should also be considered.
  16. I've only paid below $10 (equivalent) for full soaps, but have been trying a few samples to see if it's worth going beyond that price. So far, the answer is no, and I should just stick with Mitchell's Wool Fat and Palmolive sticks.
  17. There's been a lot of soap cost inflation over the last few years. I believe market glut and competition will eventually bring prices down.

    Also, @AimlessWanderer , I believe the Palmolive sticks have been discontinued (at least in the UK).
  18. Last time I checked in Wilko, they had a full shelf. Superdrug still has them too.

    I have got a few squirrelled away though, in case they do become unobtainable.
  19. I believe Colgate-Palmolive has confirmed that there will be no more stock in the UK, but it's unclear if the soap is being totally discontinued, or just UK distribution.
  20. Ah, OK. I might pick up a couple of extras when I'm next in town. :)

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