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How much coffee do you drink?


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I just picked up a 40oz RTIC for my morning coffee fix. Most days my 30oz tumbler just left me wanting more!
I should be good now.
A full pot from a 6 cup Revereware percolator. This translates into about four plus cups from an eight ounce cup.


Ron R

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I had to cut back from 4 or 5 cups per day to 2 cups of regular in morning only with cream and 1 sugar & also 2 cups of decaffeinated coffee which don't count in my books.
2 mugs at home, which is my whole Bonavita 5-cup pot before work (I work second shift), and a few times a week I'll have another cup at work of much cheaper coffee...

Weekends its usually just the 2 mugs at home. Too much more caffeine and I honestly feel MORE tired...
I have a 16 oz mug and a 1.5 Liter thermos I haul into work each night. By 0300 both are empty. So, alot.... :)
When I'm not at work though I don't drink much, if any coffee. mostly just water and soda.


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Friday - Monday: Up at 3:30am, I drink coffee until roughly 8am. I use a 20oz Yeti. Probably a full pot on those days.

Tuesday - Thursday: Wake up whenever I want. I’ll typically drink 2 cups 14oz.
I'll make a full French Press every morning (slightly over a litre of water) and it'll be empty by 11am.
Maybe an Aeropress right after lunch if I'm feeling slackish.
four triple cremas every day, sometimes 5, in 16oz mug

Voltaire attributed his genius to the 50 espressos he drank daily.
Jus g=I only drink coffee in the morning when I get up; usually two 16 oz mugs of regular brewed coffee with a big splash of coffee cream (18%) and a generous amount of demerara sugar. Just going for my second cup now. :)
I brew five cups every morning at 5:00. I drink one or two at home and the rest goes into a thermos which I finish by 10:00. Occasionally one cup of decaf after dinner.
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