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How many teas are in your rotation?

Just curious to see how many teas others have in rotation. I currently have 7 in mine (4 blacks, 2 greens, and 1 oolong). I suspect, however, that 7 might be on low end of the spectrum. Cheers!
From memory (actually updated):

6 sheng, 4 shu, 4 oolong, 3 greens, 9 blacks. That's not counting a few tea bags I have sitting around.

Many of these are small quantities - those sheng are all 100-250g tuos or samples, the shu is about the same (with the exception of a bag of 100g tuos of '08 V93), and 8 of the blacks are from samples. I've got a few more blacks inbound from Steve (this is a variety I'm presently exploring), as well as a few wares from a friend who said he was including something nice.
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I have 2 or 3 that I drink regularly, with about 7 more that get thrown in every now and then. The are mostly black, with some green, herbals, and a few pu erhs thrown in.
OK, I am afraid I would throw the numbers off. Suffice it to say that I rotate between raw pu-erh, ripe pu-erh, oolong, green, white, yellow and black varieties. Oh, and there is the occasional tisane thrown in there which is not technically a tea but what the heck. Yup, I love my tea.
Actually, my rotation will soon be at 12...just ordered 5 teas from Steve (2 puerh, 2 oolongs, and 1 green)...funny how that happens...:thumbup:
A modest number in rotation (what I'm actively drinking from at present):


Organic Lung Ching
Organic Chun Mee Moon Palace


Organic White Point Reserve - hairy unopened buds
Organic Pai Mu Tan


2nd Flush Darjeeling (I forget the estate)
PG Tips
Barry's Gold


08 Menghai V93

And shame on me for not recalling, several sheng tuo both 2007 and newer.


250 gram bag of organic heirloom tea flowers from Upton Tea. Apparently the caffeine level is approximately 25% that of green tea leaves, but there must be some other psychoactive compounds at play in the wonderfully tasteful and exquisitely scented liquor. It does something to me in a positive way.

Chris L
way too many to count...they often tumble out of the cabinet when i open it. mostly black teas, lots of kemuns, assams, darjeelings, ceylons, yunnans...
After looking at all the many and various teas poeple have, I am embarrassed to admit I only have one tea that I drink now. I used to drink several different types, but I kept coming back to Assam tea. I prefer the taste of strong tea and I never really enjoyed blended teas.

I used to say that that I saved lots of money only buying one type of tea, until the people I used that argument on discovered how much Assam tea actually costs. Good thing my addiction to Truefitt & Hill shaving cream is still a secret.
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