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How many swirls do you do?

Good evening guys,
Just wondering how many times you swirl your brush on a TOBS shaving cream? The answer could be given in seconds as well. Also, I know the appropriate amount is generally an "almond" size. However, this question is directed to those of us that do not physically scoop out of the tub. Thanks!
I was surprised how few to get a good slick lather. Just enough to get some on the tips of the brush and start your lather.. I do it by eyesight so I am guessing 3-5 swirls only.. Just a few seconds.
I usually don't swirl, but use a small spoon to take out a small amount of cream.
however, in one of my tubs I do swirl, and usually do 7-8

I have had TOBS creams that are very soft and some that are closer to an Italian soap in consistency so it is very hard to give an absolute answer. If the cream is soft I generally scoop it but if it is harder I just swirl until the tips of the brush are well loaded (maybe 5 seconds or so).
tobs is really good for creating huge amounts of lather with less product. id say 3 second swirl. some soaps i swirl for like 30 seconds or more
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