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How many strops do you own?

How many strops do you own? New, vintage or home made. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Do you have a favourite?
Bout twenty . Tony Miller is used most and the kanayama llama is after the stones. Have a few good vintage horse . Oh and the Illinois linen is number one in my book.
I should say, I own 5. Three vintage and 2 moderns. My daily go-to is a 2.5 inch Buffalo. Waiting for one to be restored by a friend and when it arrives I will take a picture and post.


6 right now. Probably had 20 or so total since I started. I generally don't hoard strops like I do most things (soap, razors, stones, brushes)... probably because they're hard to find in good vintage condition at reasonable prices. It happens, but often a nos or nearly vintage strop sells for MORE than a similar quality modern... and restoration can be a lot of work on slightly damaged ones, and people LOVE hiding serious damage with bad pictures on eBay. Just a really high risk, high work, low reward thing to collect in my experience.

That said, I've got a Dubl duck, a Pearl duck, a Freeman 588-x, a "Moose" shell, and an Ambrose and a Kanayama. First four are vintages.
I have two, one is a latigo that was my first strop still have it almost ten years on. Second is a kangaroo srp strop that I use all the time.

Tempted to grab a kanayama right now though.


Three by Tony Miller..Rough out, Steer-Dovan, Spanish bridle.
One Herold Russian Oil Tanned
All see a lot of duty but I seem to find the TM Rough out and Herold Russian in my hands most often
Currently have 4, 2 Vintage illinois strops 6452's,1 modern Illinois russian, and just got the one shown in the picture below (koken scotch shell). Im still working on conditioning the Koken slowly. Wish I could get the wave out of it tho.


9820FAFE-C09A-462A-A310-F07D386B2ED3.jpeg 660C02E0-F750-43C9-9583-D1E96B17DF44.jpeg


2 ¹/²

WCS Latigo (first strop, daily use for a year)
Tony Miller SteerDovan (my current daily use strop)
And a Thiers Issard block strop (8" or so) that I almost never use.
6 strops with thoughts of purchasing a seventh. I've found myself gravitating to the old 2-1/2" standard, so I don't use the first few 3" strops I picked up when I started 7 years ago.

Right now, my favorite alternates between a Pelican '0P' and a Tripoli Boar-hide.