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How many soaps/creams in rotation?

Two Stirling soaps, two Proraso creams, but no system of rotation; I just use whatever strikes me at the moment.
I have about a dozen soaps and half a dozen creams. I use them all randomly according to my mood. I mostly gravitate towards my soaps.
My regular four:

Proraso green tub
RazoRock XXX
La Toja stick
Acqua di Parma yellow jar

Tabac, Arko and Musgo Real also make appearances now and then.


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I keep three options in my bathroom at any time.

Option 1 - A Cream
That option will stay consistent from start to finish. In other words, I don't want more than one cream open at any time. I have a few options stashed away, but won't open one till the previous one is finished.

Option 2 - A Mug Soap (or other hard puck like Mitchell's Wool Fat)
Again, just one such soap in play at any time. I've got about 10, but they will stay sealed till needed.

Option 3 - A Sample (or small sample sized serving from a tub soap)
This option changes most frequently, as it's the smallest quantity of soap in the bathroom at any time. Well, aside from when one of the others is about to run out, obviously. Also, I might have two or three tub soaps open at a time to pull servings from, so while there's only one of them available in the bathroom, there's more than one open, and I'll refresh this option from any of the open tubs, or from one of several factory samples. Again, I have several soaps and samples unopened.

So whether you consider that I "rotate" (Ugghh - I hate that term) three soaps, or five+ is at your discretion. I have three options available at any shave, but a few more than three products open. I have what I consider to be a significant stockpile of unopened products too, and these will be called upon, as and when something gives its last shave.
I have a few dozen on hand but have been using the same jar of MDC Vetyver since October.

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6 soaps at the current, not interested in adding anymore. I've got a good mix of scents, a few floral, a few clean, a few classic, I don't need anymore then this.

-Goodfellows Smile "Furiah"
-Mountain Goat Soap Co "Lavender"
-Viking Revolution "Sandalwood"
-PAA Han Polo
-Wet The Face "Sport of Kings"
-Soap Commander "Love"
3 soaps
4 creams
1 stick

Otter Two Kings soap
Trumper Eucris soap
Ogallala Bay Rum soap

Musgo Real Oak Moss cream
Trumper Eucris cream
Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars cream
Trumper Spanish Leather cream

Mystic Brown Windsor stick
Take the lid of place next to the jar, recognize the sign?

I like samples so next to my 10 or so fixed ones I always have samples going around therefore it is almost infinity
I rotate everything I own... 7 items that currently include and I rotate through each of them in sequence.
Proraso Red
TOBS Grapefruit
Zingariman Wanderer
Zingariman Magician
Mike's Rose, patchouli, ...
Mickey Lee Panty Dropper
a hybrid tub of odds and ends scraped from the bottom of nearly empty tubs
Way too many I admit but I've been whittling them down and it's fewer than a year ago
In no particular order...
Floris #89 ( the new formula)
Irish Moos
C&E Sienna
C&E Nomad
C&E Mysore Sandalwood
AoS Sandalwood, tallow
AoS Lavender, tallow
Penhaligon's English Fern. tallow
There are a few others that slip my mind and I can't look without waking my wife ( it's 3:55 am here)
Coates Almond, Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose & Lime
C&E Sienna , Nomad, & Goats milk
Musgo Real
As I said, I'm on a mission to bring the number down. Unfortunately my favorite soaps (Yardley, English Fern, AoS ) have been discontinued long ago, fortunately I've enough to last me until I can't shave myself anymore.
Edit: the new formula Floris has been added to my list of favorites and that's still in production for now, so some #89 refills and a gathering of Elite are the only purchases I can see in my future.
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