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How many shaves from a QED shaving stick?

Would any one venture a guesstimate on how many shaves they get out of a QED shaving stick. I'm plannng a 4-5 month trip and these sticks sound like a great travel solution. I'm wondering how many sticks I can tell my wife that I need :wink:
Well, a 5oz tub will last over 6 months for most people. I think the shaving stick is 2.5 oz. Better get 10 just to be safe. :biggrin:
The big worry is that you avoid insanity from being forced to repeatedly used the same thing. As a man, you need to see the logic here so let me see if I can break this down.

4 months = roughly 120 days

Looking at the evening meal alone (as it is usually the biggest and most extravagant) you will not repeatedly eat the same dish but will have quite some variety. On the conservative side, this means you eat 45-60 different variations of an evening meal.

If you are a serious wet shaver, which I think you are, then you will want to allow yourself the same variety in shaves that you do in cuisine. Applying these rules of variety, I think that it becomes obvious that you will NEED 45-60 different shaving combo's. You could achieve this through the use of different razors, blades, creams/soaps, aftershaves and colognes. In this light, I would think that 10 shave sticks (roughrider's suggestions) is a conservative minimum and that you might also need to grab up 10 different tubes of shave cream.
The reality: one will probably last you, perhaps two at the most

The necessity: as many as you can carry :lol:
Thanks guys!
I think I'll have to try 2. Now that luggage is down to 50lbs per suitcase we get pretty tight.

Kyle's logic might have some merit though. On our last trip we stayed in a hotel in India for 2 weeks and basically ended up eating the same thing every day. We gradually ate less and less. I lost 10 pounds. So we need to tell SWMBO that having variety in product isn't addiction - it's survival!

[My wife feels it's sad that we use SWMBO and on her scrapbooking forums they refer to us as DH (dear husband) - I said, "but it means that we obey you!"]
Charles does have mini shave sticks available for some of his fragrances. It may be worth asking him as it would increase your variety while not increasing the necessary storage.
You could also get a bunch of samples from Scotto - perhaps not the most economically sound (although they're a quite good deal), but it would let you have some variety at a smaller weight/size.

Have a good trip!
birchhook said:
Thanks guys!

[My wife feels it's sad that we use SWMBO and on her scrapbooking forums they refer to us as DH (dear husband) - I said, "but it means that we obey you!"]

What does SWMBO stand for?????

Mama Bear
I emailed Charles the other day with a couple questions. It's nice to know that someone, somewhere is just waiting for me to email him. Because his response was so fast it seemed like he anticipated my message to him. Can't wait to place an order - I just have to figure out what it's going to be.

Take the safe route and follow the advice from the owl in the old Tootsie Pop commercial. "How many licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop Pop? One - Two - Three CRUNCH! It takes THREE licks to get to the center".

That equates to three shaver per stick! So, two shavesticks per week, 5-6 month trip, you do the math.

That's an order even Rik would be jealous of!

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