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How many shaves do you get with an SE blade?

How many shaves does an SE blade give you? For DE, it was harder for me to go more than 3 days but SE seems different.

I got the CVS blades (carbon steel). I use rubbing alcohol to dry it and prevent rust. It lasts for like a week.
I can usually get 10+ shaves out of a Gem PTFE SS blades if I'm careful and don't mind getting DFS results on the last 2 or 3 shaves. I would expect carbon blades to wear out a quicker but I'd guess you could get at least 5-6 good shaves out of one.

Injector blades last longer, too - 7-10 from a Schick injector blade is not uncommon for me.
I have never really pushed one to the limit. I'm trying to do so now since I read on another thread that many guys have easily gotten over 40 shaves from a SE blade like the artist club type. I'll know better in about a month from now.
I've just started using SEs, so I'm no expert. I used the first one for 7 shaves without much problem. It seemed like it wasn't as efficient so I binned it. Perhaps I could've gone farther.
I was able to push the Carbon-steel SE blades to a week.

But that was also because I dried after each shave with rubbing alcohol and by patting it
I get 10 + shaves on the Gem stainless ( great to use in scrapping tools after done shaving with them) and about 8 on the Schick injectors
I get 20-30 shaves per blade with Feather AC Pro Supers. Here is my current count -- all four blades are still going strong.
red = Kai Captain Excelia kamisori-style shavette
blue = ATT SE2 Colossus
orange = black aluminum Colonial General with Charcoal Goods copper cross-spiral handle
green = silver (aluminum) Colonial General with UFO Kaiser aluminum handle

The razors:
So far 20-30 on feather pro.
About the same on the personna/Ted pella injector blades in the supply injector.
I could probably push them longer, but I normally just switch razors at the beginning of every month

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With a Gem Stainless I get 6-7 really nice head shaves and beard line cleanups. I usually push them for a few more. If I switch to A MMOC I could take them to 15, but usually don't bother. Injector blades make it to around 20 and could hit 30. As a comparison I can easily hit 25-35 on an Astra SP.
I just use the carbon-steel SE blades. They are sold at CVS or many drugstores.

I feel like the carbon blades can be stretched out if you strop them on your palm
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