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How many shaves did it take before you were satisfied with your SR Shave ?

Agree 100% above 👆I shave rarely switch hands anymore; no real need. I might with a larger blade, because I wear glasses when shaving otherwise it’s just make of slightly adjusting my hold as I switch sides. Cheers all and happy shaves.
When I first started SR shaving decades ago I never considered using my non dominant hand. When I began again a few years ago I started experimenting with my non dominant hand and found it natural and helpful in some areas. I’m glad I tried it, learning again with both hands has worked out. Things change.


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How many shaves did it take with your SR before you started to notice that you were getting a BBS or DFS ?
Im on my 4th shave. I still feel the hairs after the shave and I finish off with a DE to mow it down. Mostly under the neck, but also on the cheeks. Chin shaving is the most challenging.

So far - I've not nicked myself with an SR yet.
When I said 100, I meant completely comfortable. You should be doing quite well after a month of shaves. I went through the BBS thing but eventually settled in with only two passes and a really good shave. I haven’t shaved with any other instrument since my first shave and I guess I’m around the 1,500 mark now. Now it is “just shaving”. I’m no longer fascinated by SR shaving but I do enjoy my shaves. The SR is the best instrument I’ve ever used and learning was well worth the effort and commitment it took. There are a few pieces of advice that are critical like keeping the spine close to your face, skin stretching, wet lather etc. but it is a self learned thing for the most part. As you go along, you will figure it all out; just be patient and do it daily and you will get there. The first month is the steepest part of the learning curve where you develop the necessary muscle memory. After that, it gets much easier.
Somewhere between shaves 30-45 with 3 full passes. For me it wasn't so much getting the blade angle right but optimizing skin stretching in certain areas. I found my neck hollows particularly tough. After a while I felt like I hit a plateau but was happy with the shaves. Once I got better at putting on a good edge myself the shaves really started to pop, and I can surpass my original "satisfactory" 3 pass shave with a 2 passer nowadays no problem in about half the time.


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So you are SR shaving about once every 2 or 3 days. That will about double the number of SR shaves you will need to get to the improvement that daily SR shavers experiences.

From your stropping technique with lots of deflection, you have probably rolled the edge and thus making it harder to cut your whiskers. This is what is encouraging you to increase the shave angle which more quickly dulls the edge. No amount of further stropping is going to "unroll" an edge.

You are trying to advance your SR shaving technique too fast. You have effectively only completed two SR shaves (see first paragraph). By now you should only be SR shaving WTG on cheeks only.

My suggestion is to stop SR shaving now. Send your blade out for a proper refresh. While your blade is away, read the instructions and follow them when your refreshed blade returns.

Two handed shaving is a personal preference. I spent my first 500 or so SR shaves (16 months) quite happily shaving with my non-dominant hand. Nothing wrong with that.

If all of the above is too difficult and tiring for you, please list your SR gear in BTS.
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From a dead cold start, it took me about 2-3 weeks, maybe a month, before I was confident.

I only shave 2-3 times a week, so...at most...maybe 12-15 shaves? That was when I decided I knew that I could do this, and that I would only improve from there. And so I have.
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