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How Many Razors (Electric or Safety)?

Hi, I'm just curious how many razors you folks own & use on a rotational basis (both electric or manual). I realize shaving is a necessary evil to some and more of a hobby to others. I have acquired many DE Shavers and Single Edge vintage razors over the years, but have recently gone back to electric razors after a 12 year hiatus. I've been experiencing alot of weepers, skin irritation and sometimes cuts wet shaving even after a good preshave prep with Prorarso preshave and a good quality shave soap or cream judiciously applied. Shaving with electrics has made shaving more enjoyable, is more gentle on my skin and the current electrics do a great job that get real close to a DE wet shave. Thanks for your responses.
I'm a newbie but I have three ESC Claymore Evolutions.... with different handles for each. I have the Lupo DE Aluminum our youngest son gave me but we didn't get along.

That's it for me other than two barbershop razors that take the same AC blades as the Claymore Evo.


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I have a handful but usually only use two: Wolfman for home and ATT Windsor for travel.

Once in a blue moon (probably once or twice a year) I'll pull out one of the old razors, but I'm a favorites guy.


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1 x electric shaver
2 x "safety" razor
32 x straight razor

I only rotate through my straight razors. I'm too scared to use "safety" razors. The electric is only used when I cannot use a straight razor.
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