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How many razors do you own?

I have 10 total. Currently 5 are in rotation. I haven't bought blades for the Gem Micromatics or acquired the stones for the straights.
Wait I’ll go check…
OK I’ll admit to 30. About 10 I use regularly.
Note I normally shave with two different razors with each shave. 1 OC, usually a single edge Gem or Valet for 1[SUP]st[/SUP] pass then a DE for 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] and 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] pass.
I have a 59 Fatboy, 39 Fathandle Tech, 58 SS, English Old Type, 70 Black Beauty on its way from the UK. A couple of straights in need of restoration. I still want to acquire a Slim and then probably a brand new DE razor, oh and maybe a strop and stone, and... maybe a..

My first DE shave was with an EJ db89l about 3 months ago (which I sent back due to QC issues) but I am hooked.
Muhle R89
Feather AS-D2
FaTip Grande
FaTip Grande
Gillette Long Comb NEW
Gillette Pre War Fat Handle Tech
Gillette Super Speed 1952 (40's style)
Gillette "Sportsman" Tech 1971

So... Eight.
Parker 95R
SA Black LH
Aristocarat Jr

And that happened over 5 weeks.

Love the RAD, SAD and BAD
I've lost count (which is atypical for me - usually I keep track of such things, but I've been exceptionally busy in the last year or two). I'm somewhere north of 200.