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How many razors do you have?

Yeah, I have a Dovo Astrale full size which is 1/2 hollow. And I like it, but the others I have are full hollow which I like better. Damn--now I have to get extra hollow which I haven't tried to see if that is even better than full hollow... 😵‍💫
and then there is the whole shoulder, no shoulder, stabilizer, no satbilizer thing... I think no shoulder or stabilizer for me...
I became a collector when trying to find the very best top DE razor. And I cannot let all these beauties go. Trying not to make this "mistake" again, so I have a limit of 10 SR. Whenever I buy a SR one other has to go... Now I becoming a power seller at the bay 😂
I’m about 18 months into using straights. Got about 15 in rotation and a few old sheffields sitting around waiting for a resto.

Maybe the best thing about getting into Sr’s was that I sold off most of my DE’s 😂
Yes, about 1 minute of stropping before a shave and about 2 minutes of balsa stropping after each shave (never needs honing again) can be too much work for some.

Instead of the basla stropping you can forego that and spend about 15 to 20 minutes once every few months refreshing the edge on a whetstone. Me, I prefer a fresh balsa stropped edge for every shave.
You are faster than me. I have been timing and it takes me about 5 minutes to do the balsa + leather maintenance strop. I typically use a different razor each day and batch strop during the weekend.
So I would classify myself as a collector - albeit one that only acquires razors that I can shave with. Currently somewhere around 80 and trying to keep that number from rising. I usually start the week with 6-10 razors set out for near-term use and I mostly pull from that pile. I will batch strop on the weekend - the favorites go straight back to the “use soon” shelf while others get put away and replaced by other razors. There are perhaps 10 favorites that are highly likely to be used in any 2 week period with the remainder being from the general pool. But there are weeks when I try to only use the less used razors. So pretty sure that the vast majority were used at least 1-2 times last year.
Get an old genco extra hollow, they take a nice easy edge, they're cheap and plentiful
I can attest to this. I've had 2 and they do take a nice edge with little effort. They also shave wonderfully. In fact, I acquired my first Genco (a 6/8 fluid steel) a little less than a year in to SR shaving. Up until that point I had kinda been struggling to keep my SR shaves on par with my best DE shaves. That fluid steel was my first "ahh SRs really can shave better than DE razors." Shaving, honing, and stropping technique has upped my game since then. I get that feeling with most of my razors these days. Moral of the story, a full hollow Genco is indeed a good cheap razor.
I promised my wife that when I retired I would start to catalog my straight razors. This is the majority of them but not all :biggrin1:

received_1171554080167562 (1).jpeg
Probably well over 200.....not buying as many these days as the prices are nuts.

Ehh young and still find a good price here and there. Admittedly, it's not as easy as it was just a couple of three years ago. Getting a good price most often occurs making an offer on a lot of 6 or more (which admittedly, is bit of a gamble). And fancy etched razors in good condition are... well... not gonna be cheap.
Only three so far. I can't justify a huge collection and I just started wet shaving. I'd eventually like to add a vintage Gillette TTO razor but other than that, I'm pretty satisfied. I can only use one at a time and am happy with what I have.
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