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How Many Of Us Have Beards?

This may have been discussed before, but I just can't escape the seeming irony of being a member of a shaving forum and yet have a full beard!

I must say, however, that my blades, soaps, creams, et al last quite a while since I only have to shave around the throat and pockets of the cheeks!

In my case, a full but short (less than 1/2") beard. I also have a moustache, since I never got into the Mennonite look.


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Many members here have mustaches and goatees.

If I may ask, why do you gentlemen have facial hear when you enjoy shaving so much? If it because of style? Or is it (in the case of a mustache) because certain parts of your face are too difficult to shave?
Had a beard, until I came here!

My wife likes the look of a closely and neatly trimmed beard.

No beard now, but come Fall/Winter if my wife asks very nicely (read special favors), I may grow one for a few months.
I maintain a short, well-groomed goatee for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I started growing it 15 years ago because of style. I kept it because I hated shaving the area around my mouth, which is very sensitive and difficult for me to get bbs. I continue to keep it because I feel it gives my jawline a little extra depth and because I like the way it looks in general. SWMBO agrees, and thus it must be.
Many members here have mustaches and goatees.

If I may ask, why do you gentlemen have facial hear when you enjoy shaving so much? If it because of style? Or is it (in the case of a mustache) because certain parts of your face are too difficult to shave?

I had a beard because I was plagued by ingrown hairs and I kept it for say,this seems scary, 30 years. Shavng with a straight took care of the ingrown hair problems on my neck, so I figured I could shave some more and see how that went, and it went well indeed. Somehow I am afraid to go past the goatee. I guess I am afraid to see what is under there after all this time. My wife had never seen me without a full beard, much less my kids. Much less my law partners.

Before I shaved down to a goatee I was really shaping the beard anyway. Looked a lot better even then all trimmed up around the edges, etc. I was shaving every day for sure.

Want to know the funniest part. People cannot figure out what has changed. Most often, if the say anything at all, they ask if I got a hair cut. Even when asked directly, folks do not figure out that I have a fraction of the facial hair I used to.
About once a month I'll let my beard grow out for a week or so, to give my skin a break from the constant shave and because SWMBO likes me clean, but a change of pace is sometimes appreciated. When I let it grow out I shave my mustache and soul patch, let the rest go as it will.
depending on your definition, I have either a goatee or a goatee + moustache (sp).

Why? I like it and have had some sort of facial hair (starting with a full beard) for the better part of 15 years now and also on and off in college.
I have a beard (kept short) but I shave the upper lip, upper cheeks and below the jawline. I only look Amish if I avoid trimming. I shave it off for about a week once every few years, but it creeps out the girlfriend.

I don't feel too contradictory keeping a beard and also enjoying a good shave. I figure more than half my face gets shaved, and I enjoy it.
Time was I had a very respectable full beard and moustache. The closest thing to shaving was running the beard trimmers through it every 6-8 months or so. Once the wetshaving bug took over, the full beard was history. As has been my custom most of my life though, I kept the moustache. I'm currently sporting a killer handlebar and it's kind of the best of both worlds. Cool face hair while still shaving daily. Don't know if I would grow a beard again or not. That's a lot of totally not shaving days although I suppose I could shave the spud daily. I dunno, I might take a few months off and grow a beard in the fall/winter but I suspect I probably look a bit younger without a face full of "whitish blonde" hair :lol::lol: and SWMBO digs BBS
I have had a goatee (including mustache) for the last 10 years, for 5 years before that I had a well-trimmed full beard.

The main reason is that my wife prefers me that way.
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I have had a gottee for about the last fifteen years or so. I guess I have had it ever since I have been able to grow it. it went from long and straggely to some what long, but groomed, to very neatly trimmed, and kept up. That's about what I have now. Maybe it's because I'm not used to it, but I just don't like the look I have with out it. I do however shave it off every once in a while, then grow it right back. For some strange reason i have been wanting to go without it for a bit. But I think that's just because of my latest hobby.......
I am 51, and have had a full beard and moustache for as long as I have been able to grow one. The only exception was during my six years in the Army from the age of 24 to 30.

My wife prefers a beard, and my children have only seen me once, for about three weeks (or about as long as it took to regrow), without one when I shaved it off on a lark during my mid-thirties. "Daddy, you look weird!" That was enough for me. I went back to the beard and have had it ever since. Although my children were born while I was in the Army, they were too young to remember me clean-shaven.

I'll probably have a beard and moustache for the rest of my life. Along with Walter Sobchak, I find that the beard gives my chin and jawline extra depth and definition.

Still, since I do have to shave some areas of my face I figure that I might as well go with the best razors and accoutrements I can find/afford.

It has been a very enjoyable journey, thus far, and I have "met" some wonderful people on this forum!


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I have "chop" sidburns that come down my jawline and stop just short of the chin.

I work outside and started wearing them like that for extra protection from the sun.

The wife has grown to like them so I'll have them for a bit longer I guess. It seems they tickle her fancy.. :lol:


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I had a goatee for years (from 15 to maybe 22 or 23). I then grew a full beard and keep it for a whole winter. Now I just have the good old sideburns!!
I grew a full beard at 19. At about 35 it started turning white :mad: and at 42 I could'nt take the look any more so I've been sporting a goatee for the last 8 or 9 years. It's still white, but I look more my real age instead of 20 years older.
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