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How many have 'made the leap?'

Just curious...Beginning ~Jan of this year, I have shaved with straights exclusively. Nowadays, I am using a straight ~6 days a week after starting this new job, and it's been enjoyable every single day. No irritation, no sensitive skin - just good. More and more levels of subtlety coming through all the time. Doubt I can go back.

How 'bout y'all?
Bought my first straight in May. A serious case of AD has led me to outgrow the 7 spots in my AlembiCase for straights, as well as about 25 different creams. Lucky for me, I'm only on my second brush (#1 a Rooney Pure that came with my first kit, the 2nd a T&H turnback for travel).

Since, I've had to pick up a Mach3 about half a dozen times out of necessity; I have loathed it more and more every time. Straights are where its at; there is something to be said for BBS!!
Been shaving exclusively with straights for over a year now. Shaved with a disposable razor a few times while on holidays in Brazil. Hated it. Straights rock!....
I agree..I just started using my straight's 2x a week (3 day wait)..I find them to be smoother and maybe a nick or 2 though thats from not always enough lather.
I've been exclusively using straights for 18 months 5 to 7x per week. If I don't have time to use a straight I'll go with a shadow.
I started about a month ago and have been using straights exclusively for about two weeks. I used a my Slim once when I was in a hurry and needed a close shave. So at the moment I can get a cleaner shave faster with my Gillette. I am enjoying the straights so much more it's worth slowing down a little to learn to do right. Straight razor shaving has all the elements I love about using a safety razor; the focus, ritual, beauty and sense of tradition, only enhanced quite a bit. It's like Mega-Shaving. Shaving + ? Shaving, now with 100% more awesome. Something along those lines.
Since I started with straights a couple months back I have used my DE's only a couple times, so there's no going back for sure.
Made the leap from cartridges directly to straights. Have not used one since then - all shaving has been by straight razor. Looked at for a week or so picking up a DE for when I was in a rush but decided against it - I started to feel guilty.
Started working with straights last December and went exclusively to straights in Jan. Well to be honest not totally exclusively, if I'm rushed for time I'll go back to the DE as I've been using one for years and am still faster with one then with a straight.
I've only been shaving with a traditional straight for a few months but I only tried a DE for a week (ouch), previosly I had been using clippers and then the Feather AC system for like a long time. My shaves with the Feather were really never that good, then came along the Feather SS and it improved but then on a whim I purhcased the set on BST from RockViper. I was hooked on straight shaving from there my skin was just better after it, and honing came really easy. I'm still learning the do's and dont's but its way easier than I imagined. Now does anyone want to let me borrow there TIPTLE to practice with.
I will be starting my 8th month with straights. In the beginning I sahved w/ STR8's only on weekends, now it is every day.
I actually started out my 'real shaving' with straights. I only recently got my own DE in a trade for a puck of Tabac.

Funnily enough, I get almost no irritation and have only ever gotten one cut from a straight, even brand new from Larry. I've used the DE maybe four times, and have somehow butchered myself each time I went above three on the adjustable. It gets a closer shave on my neck (my problem area, dense growth) but it's not worth the patchy raw areas to me. I haven't decided if I'll hock DE or not yet, but I'm definitely sticking to the straights for my daily shaving. Just gotta get honing down.
Using a straight exclusivly for a little over a year now. Once my straight shaves weren't taking any longer than using a safety razor, I pretty much stopped using my DE. I sold my last DE last year since it was getting used anymore.

Even though intially I enjoyed using both types of razors equally at first, I would never go back now... I enjoy the straight shave too much!
In August last year I bought a DX Shavette, then moved to real straights and use a shavette when on trips. I keep a Lord, a Merkur 34c and a Wilkinsons "sticky" that are used very very seldom. I shave every day with a straight using the same per week. I have 9 and a shavette and a Feather SS on the way,,,
Sinse april 10, i still do use a de though, i have so many and i like to keep my hand in so to speak, but straights are my no 1 tool for shaving.
Been using my straights for around 18 months, but I'll still do a DE shave every so often. :001_tongu

Since I only shave every 3rd or 4th day I'll often use my DE for the first pass, then my straight for any other passes and any cleanup. :w00t:

Works for me, very comfortable shaves and no irritation. :wink2:
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