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How many haircuts does a barber do a day?



Hey there! This is my first day/post on this great website. A month ago I bought a DE safety razor, badger brush, cream and feather blades off ebay and love the experience. I have enjoyed it so much I have been considering joining a barber school to actually get into barbering and open my own shop.

My question is how many haircuts a established competent barber can do in lets say a 8 hour "shift" assuming they have a steady stream of clients? Are there any barbers out there that can help me here?

Loveing the site! Josh
I know one barber who used to have cheap cuts on Mondays and she is master with the clippers. She used to work at Fort Lewis and she was fast and good.
She can do 5 to 6 an hour but she usually does 2 to 3.

Matter a fact I need to go see if she still is working, cause I need one.
my guy schedules 45 mins per and only cuts by appointment. he's been at it over 40 years and most his work is repeat customers with standing appts. the young guy that's renting a chair in his place isn't near as busy because he hasn't built up his customer base. he does nice work so in a few years I'm sure he will have all the work he wants.
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