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How many different avatars have you used on B&B?

How many different avatars have you used on B&B?

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In the 4+ years I have been on B&B, I have used just 2 avatars.
Haven't been here that long, but so far only one. And it's the same one I use all over the 'Net. Started out with the US Army family support board that I run and expanded from there.


Only this one. The mods gave it to me (along with my first custom title) during a Sue Moore fundraiser. I think it was Rudy's first pink brush, and I said "I want a pink shaving brush in the auction thread. I won't change it- it makes me feel like someone actually noticed me.


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Not on here as long as some, but I've never changed mine since I put it up shortly after creating it.

I fear now if I did change it, I would confuse a whole lot of members for a couple weeks. :lol:
I always stick to the same avatar. I feel that's part of one's identity on a forum, so best to keep it constant.


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Over the years, I believe I have used either two or three.
I used to be just a Feegle, but then I got Doctor Who fever after last year's Sabbatical took on a Mister Men theme...
Once you change once, it's easier to do so.

Just one little change, then you can give it up any time you want....
This my second avatar in about 7 years and I used the first for about a year, maybe. Note: I am not counting adding little pink bows or Santa hats to The Baumer as avatar changes.
I used the default until I came across the one I now use. It does kind of resemble Pugsly, my first cat, and the sentiment expressed is right on target.
I have used 3 to 5. It took awhile, but avatar I have now is the one I like. Of course, that could change if something interesting comes up.
Just one. Because honestly, it's perfect. It's a painting by Magritte, who liked painting tubas on fire. Ceci n'est pas une tuba.


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I've had variations of this same avatar for most, if not all, of the time I've been here. Can't remember anything else I've used.
I had this one without the eyes when I first joined; I don't really consider it a change. I've been using it for a few years in my fantasy football league. I also have they eyeless version on my debit card.