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How many DE razors? With a twist...


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How many razors do you own (not counting collector pieces - only those you acquired to shave with) that you've never used even once?


I stuck with my first double edged razor for twenty years. Since then, (ten years later) that has grown to five double edged razors. They have all been used, but two are regular use, two are occasional use, and I have just been too lazy to get rid of the fifth one.

I also have a couple of straights, a couple of shavettes, and a couple of Ye Olde single edge razors (Rolls and Darwin) as "novelty razors", but they've all been used too.
Reaching 200 in the next weeks. Mostly Gillette but also Rotbart, Mulcuto, Apollo, Emir, Ibsen and Homelike Shaving. Sold much much more...

I always think that I have to reduce but then I ask myself: why? I'm still developing my technique and today I was able to use the first time a Gillette New Improved without any nicks, blood and whatever. Maybe I can develop my technique to get to a point to achieve BBS with a Tech...
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