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How Many Countries Do You Own Razors From?

I just worked out that I have razors from brands in 14 different countries. Any other countries that you guys have covered? How many countries do you have represented in your razor agglomerations?

Listed by continent, from west to east, roughly)….

USA (Blackland, Timeless, H&S, ATT, Irving Barber Co, Carbon, Rockwell, Gillette)
Canada (Karve, Wolfman)
UK (Executive Shaving)
Portugal (Tatara)
France (Thiers Issard)
Germany (Mühle, Merkur, Ralf Aust, Böker)
Switzerland (Tedalus)
Austria (Koraat)
Greece (Lambda)
Poland (Stando)
Ukraine (Smart-Helix)
Turkey (Rocnel, Barbaros)
Russia (Homelike Shaving)
Japan (Feather, Kai, Eiko, Iwasaki, Henkotsu)
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