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How many aftershaves do you own?

10ish, but I don’t have a Bay Rum, and that’s been bothering me.
When I have it I like Speick the most but it takes ages to use up.
I don’t tend to get irritation at all and a cold water rinse is perfect.
Ten, I think:

Clubman Special Reserve
Proraso Red
Proraso Green
Stirling Sharp Dressed Man
Samples of:
Chiseled Face Sherlock, Ghost Town Barber, Midnight Stag
Fine Platinum, Green Vetiver
Clubman Lilac Vegetal
Aftershave only not others like EDTs 25 or so and growing regularly as I have taken more to buying sets not just soap.

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2. 444 (5 tubes) for the cooler/dry months and Proraso Sandalwood (400 ml) for the warm months.

After shaves

Classic Vanilla
Lilac Vegetal
Special Reserve
Old Spice (Indian)
Aqua Velva
Cella (red label)

And colognes
Aramis (I'm a big fan of the '70s scents, if you can't tell)
Armani Code (SWMBO loves it)
English Laundry Oxford Bleu (gift from my daughter
L'occitane Eau de Toilette
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