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How many aftershaves do you own?


Somewhere around 35, but very few are expensive. Mostly AS that matches soaps from B&M, Stirling, A&E, Tallow & Steel, etc. and cheap stuff like Nivea and the usual drug store suspects.
Two, but I would like more. I just have a hard time paying for something that isn't meant to last long. However, Captain's Choice Nor'Easter is my favorite so far.

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Two aftershave lotions (what some here refer to as a splash)
Three aftershave balms
Three Eau de Toilette sprays
A few different moisturisers
I only use splashes:
Proraso green
4 different Myrsols
2 different Penhaligon’s
Cella Bio
La Toja
4 different Floids
Been up to over 20 in my only 1year with this hobby,
been able to cut down to three now and very happy.
I have about 30, some are EDT or EDC but I use them all as aftershave. My favourites are Fabergé Brut, especially pre the Brut 33 rebrand, Jade East, Avon Wild Country, Avon Windjammer, Shulton Musk, Shulton Old Spice Burley, Yardley Black Label, Hai Karate, Kanebo Valcan, Lentheric Hallmark, Goya Cedarwood..... I love them all.
15. Half modern, half vintage Avon, mostly decanted into reasonable bottles. I kept the Avon fishing reel decanter for Avon Wild Country, and the vintage Old Spice lighthouse has Avon Spicy. Proraso Red and Green are off camera. The other 2 unlabeled decanters are modern Aqua Velva and Clubman.


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