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How long would your stock last?

if you stop buying anything right now, how long do you think you could last with out restocking up on anything soap,blades,aftershave/blam, ext. for me i would say around 6 months be for i had to buy blades, on anything else i would say around a year and a half on soap and after shave
Probably a few years with all the stuff have, if I were to finish them all. PRoblem is I get bored of the stuff and will probably not finish them all.
I am definitely NOT ready for the shavepocalypse. I have maybe 100 blades, 1 brush, plenty of razors, and maybe 4-5 pucks of VDH soap. The thing I'm most worried about is the blade count, so I will probably have to start buying them up.
its funny i stated this post becuse i do have ALOT of stuff, but today im taking a trip to pastures to get some more stuff lol
Cella is my main soap and bought my first kilo a few weeks ago, other then that the only soaps I use are MWF and I tried my first stick of Arko recently . i will probally buy the 12 pack or what ever size lot of Arko that amazon sells.

Blades are a different story. I use astra exclusivley and have a 20 to 24 year supply, I plan to buy another 2400 soon so I will be set for life with blades.
I will have to buy some post shave balm soon as I don't keep much on hand, but for everything else, I'm good for at least five years and may never have to buy blades again.
I have 600 blades, and go through about 25 annually. I think I'm good until retirement on that front.

Soaps and creams would last me for a long while, but I'm going to pare that down soon. I would guess that I have enough to last 10-12 years.

ASB's is where I fall short. Maybe only enough to last a couple of years. I should work on that.
3 months of SE blades, 3 months of DE blades, 6 months of witch hazel, 1 year at least of soap, 4 months of post-shave balm.

I may be able to stretch out to the end of the Mayan calendar, but it will be tight.
soap for maybe 8 months, about half of a MWF puck and a 95% full stick of Tabac. Aftershave 2/3 of a bottle of Speick and blades for 7 months but i will buy a 100 pack when i get low.
5 years of blades, 4 years of soaps, and 2 years of aftershave. Looks like I have to beef up my supply of soaps and aftershave:w00t:
My blades will last me around four to five years as I get rid of them when they start to tug, not on a per shave basis. I use Feathers and sometimes I will get three days of shaves or eight, you never know. For soaps, I have five to six year's worth of soaps and will continue to build that as long as Mystic Water soaps are around. Michelle's soaps are the best I've ever used. Only one EJ89L and enough brushes to last me two lifetimes. I've been thinking of buying a few more EJ89s, you know, for backup. :lol:
Assuming my hones don't disappear? Indefinite. (also assuming that I could use Ivory soap in a pinch) to still have SHAVE soaps? a year or so.
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