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How long to shave

I use a DE first to mow down the heavy growth, then a Schick ST2 to touch up and finally a Braun electric to get the upper lip area and chin a bit smoother. Not counting the cream I apply and let sit for a while, I average 5 minutes to shave BBS. 12 hours later and smooth type of shave. Against the grain the whole time.

What are some of the times to shave here?
I guess in my case about 12 minutes, 15-16 if you count the cleanup chores afterward. Of course, wearing a neatly trimmed beard, I do have less facial real estate to mow.


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Well under 10 minutes for a DE shave. I did time it for another thread, but can't remember what it came out at.

If it's a straight shave or shavette, it will take me a lot longer.
Long enough so I only have to use one razor. Long enough so I can enjoy the experience.

Wham, bam, five minutes, all against the grain? Does not sound like fun, to tell the truth.
Under 10 minutes with a DE including taking my time. A bit longer with a straight.

For years I mowed the hair down first with an electric and then finished up with a cartridge. Shaving wasn't fun however. Later I got a DE but finished under the nose with my electric. It didn't take me long to figure out how to do it all with just the DE (Gillette Old Style Open Comb) by going to a thinner head.

The fun of DE shaving (and straight shaving) for me is that there is some technique involved and when you master that...you get very smooth shaves.

When there is no technique involved, shaving gets boring and isn't enjoyable.
Respectfully, I think you may have a mild beard, or you may have a strangely fast lifestyle. I can't imagine such a practice for myself.

I average 22 minutes, including at least 5 minutes of prep. I do a leisurely 3 pass shave on a tough old man's beard, usually with an adjustable razor

I don't believe in rushing shaving any more than I believe in rushing sex. The analogy is sound.
Minutes Total: 16 to 30 minutes
  • Prep: Select soap/brush/razor/blade, assemble razor & blade, soak brush, wash face, apply pre-shave: 6 to 10 minutes
  • Shave: Normal routine is two passes so 7ish minutes but will occasional do a quick one pass or a BBS 3 pass: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Cleanup: Rinse face, clean and disassemble razor/blade, rinse out brush, return everything to their assigned place, wipe down bathroom: 5 to 10 minutes
I don't time my shave, but spend about 25 mins in the bathroom from the time I stumble out of bed and perform all necessary tasks, including bodily functions, shower, shave, brush my teeth, and apply pomade.
I take my time on purpose. I’d rather not shave than rush something I enjoy. Probably 20 minutes I’d say for prep, 2 passes, and cleanup.
Well, taking my time and enjoying the experience, I will purposefully take 20ish minutes.

If I was less worried about the experience, I could prep, lather up, and do a single pass with touch up for BBS in 5ish minutes. But who wants that? :001_unsur
Typically 35 minutes, +/-5 minutes.
That includes a 5-10 minute prep shower for me, and cleanup/wiping dry of equipment.
If I'm in a hurry I can use a disposable Mach 3 and some Barbasol and get it done in under 3 minutes without much razor burn.

Normally I take probably 10 minutes to do a nice 2 or 3 pass DE shave. The shave part of that might be 2 minutes, the rest is prepping the beard mostly with the brush since I face lather. I find that for me a good prep makes a world of difference.

Straight is another story. I still prep well but it takes a good 20 minutes. I'm just slow with the actual shaving. But I don't mind and if it gets to be too much I break out the DE and finish up. All good.

I could never use an electric. They just kill my face for some reason.
If in a hurry I can have a good de shave done in about 5 minutes but I seldom rush thru as I like to enjoy my shave time.
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